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  Truly depends on your style, but I actually like that jacket. Mind sharing a link? Anyone know what I can search to find a few product pages? Been trying Saint Laurent plaid jacket with mild success...
Bump.    Any other companies make quality shawl collar cardigans?
  /Gulp. Here's to a decent leather because that color is badass! Can you let me know how much they retail for?
No clue, I've been searching for close to a week now for information and no such luck.  Bet it's something from several years back... and someone here will say it's got really cheap/thin leather. :(
Honestly... just the balaclava. 
Ehh, to each their own.   Not feeling the details or the color.
SLP jeans that have that chain in the back above the tag... is it normal for them to just fall off?   Any way to repair/permanently attach it?
They definitely should have some sort of insurance. Only option is to take them to court bud.
I could have sworn I've seen that carabiner a couple times before. Which one is it?
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