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  Beautiful... I may end up having to buy an Aero! What's the exact color/leather of that jacket? Any chance for an exact product link?
Interested in a bunch of the J+ offerings. How do they fit? TTS?    Having trouble finding reviews/fit pics of them from past offerings. Anyone know of a thread or site that has info on them?
 I only recently started paying attention to Belstaff... like their new motorcycle oriented offerings, but I really love some of their offerings from the past several years. Just my luck haha
 Ya, I've saved up enough for a really nice fall/winter jacket for this year. I was actually saving up for another Balmain jacket, but this leather aviator has my attention too. Was just wondering if anyone's seen it up close.   I've always liked big heavy leather aviators, but this one has some nice detailing!
Has anyone seen this Balmain aviator in person? Wondering what you guys think of its quality/style. Not going to lie... love this Fall/Winter season's offerings from Balmain. 
Were the SLP duffle coats new last season? Just weird they're only available from SLP directly so far this season.
I'm confused... and actually a tad worried now. Ordered the iPhone 6 Plus without even thinking about jean pocket sizes! It's going to be sticking more than halfway out now. 
I'm lmao because they're made for the badass rebel rock star appeal... And people want them all to be the same on them all. Something like that probably needs to be purchased in person or over the phone with a SA.
  Thanks very much Namor! That is definitely very helpful. I was just hoping they'd have a free shipping promotion sometime soon. Guess that's just completely random or not advertised through email.
And how is that asking a stupid question? When do their seasonal sales start? How often do they give free shipping codes? If you don't know, don't answer. If you don't want to help someone out, don't answer. That simple. No need to be rude.
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