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No... could you message me a copy of the article? :)
  Damn, k. That's about what I was expecting. I can only find it in my size at YSL boutiques for full price. Doesn't seem to really be carried anywhere else this season for some reason. Just had to ask since I found one that is 1/2 the price but it's a size up from my usual size.
Final bump/plea for help haha.
 $2000-$2400 probably. Definitely won't be getting $3000 for it unfortunately.
 Damn dude... just cuz you're too big for them doesn't mean you should say thinner people have to have sticks for legs to wear them. 
 Guess not. :(
Thinking of getting either the black or camel color duffle coat. Anyone try it on? Go true to size or size up one?
  That's a relief about the VAT and the customs fee. It's what I was most worried about... there's a nice fur jacket I've been wanting but it's listed as unavailable for your country on Luisviaroma for some reason. (US ban raccoon fur maybe?) How were they unprofessional though? Never answered emails?
 I'm normally a size 48 so that's what I figured I'd be fine with. There was a seller on eBay trying to talk me into getting his size 50 but after getting the measurements, no thanks lol.I think I'm still going to stick with a size 48 though, but I'm kinda doubting one will pop up now at anywhere near a reasonable price. 
This one in a size 38. http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-casual-jackets-classic-trapper-jacket-in-black-and-red-wool_cod40116846ev.html
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