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I still miss the point: what is unique or excessive in a man with a beard? You call it integrity; I call it comfort zone. But you're right: I'm a pervert, so I can't really contradict you
Please: word "hipster" is so trendy itself. Speaking for myself, I let my beard grow because...well do I really need a why? What's next? Be ashamed of having a penis? I didn't know there were cities promoting beards. Do you have any "no-beards allowed" signals too over there?
Everyday life is a rough work :)
I was in a hurry and took the pic before wearing the jacket (charcoal tweed). Have a nice day.
SC. Indeed!They always stare at my beard. I'm sure that if I went out without trousers, they would keep staring at it as well.
Don't you like these beards or beards in general? Funny that men shouldn't take as ideal one of their most representative traits. 
Stop shaving for two-three months then.
Hi everybody! By accident (my girlfriend would say so), some essential oil dropped on my jacket. Any chance to remove it? I'd like to have some tips before taking it to a professional laundry (I read many contradictory opinions). I wouldn't even care if it wasn't for the fact that those stains look too "perfect" and are on a shoulder (so pretty visible). Thanks! (Hope my English wasn't too bad). Bye!
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