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Great outfit barring the enormous rose though, the jacket is great, and I'd love to se the vest alone. J
What about those elastic things bartenders and dancers wear that hold your shirt to your socks? J
Very nice Roy! J
When would one wear a smoking jacket in 2014? J
I only have captoe Oxfords or opera pumps for black-tie wear.I'll try on some stuff with the cream DJ and see how I feel.J
I was thinking if I could find a white square with burgundy pindots that would be sharp. J
Hilarious! What shoes would one wear for an outdoor summer club event? Pumps or oxfords seem more suited to indoor events, slippers too. J
Great, I'll check it out! J
Two more questions: 1: What pocket square with the cream jacket and burgundy tie/cummerbund? If I decide to go with black instead of burgundy, what square then? 2: Looking through old illustrations I see pictures of gents in high waisted trousers, cummerbunds, and jackets which look like white tie jackets (double breasted, short, not meant to be closed) without tails. What's up with that? J
I have two different sets of studs with one of these each, so I don't think they are orphaned. They don't look like any waistcoat stud I've ever seen, and a bit small for a cufflink. Maybe for a single cuff? J
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