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life just sucks in general.
Bruce Springsteen The Who Grateful Dead and pretty much rappers in general
i maintain that either one is 10 times better than a bmw z4
s2000 vs 350z? s2000. s2000 vs 370z? 370z. and I'd take any of them over a z4. especially the old one posted in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 I agree. I have not had a chance to drive the CTS-V yet but have driven the Jaguar XFR. It's my understanding the CTS-V is even faster. Thats just insane speed for 4 door sedans. it's got a (slightly detuned) corvette engine in it and was developed at the nuremberg ring. I've driven it, and, well, its a lot more fun than comparable sport sedans(including the M5). Honestly, I would probably never buy...
another sore topic for me: old cadillacs. I hate how enormous they are, they look so stupid. sorry to offend anyone. on a different note, I would take a new CTS-V in a heartbeat :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic I don't think that is necessary true. perhaps, I should clarifly; I meant driving enthusiasts. It's really no fun to drive a rolls, imo, and the only advantage to having one is the fine craftsmanship on the interior(wood, leather, etc). If fine leather and wood on the interior is the #1 thing you are looking for in a car, and you've got the money, a rolls is your best bet. Again, only my opinion. (I'm...
actually, the supra is probably the best example of a car that doesn't look outdated, IMO(especially considering how long ago they stopped making them.) I wish they would make them again. damn japanese recession.
I do appreciate the M3 though. even if it is a footballers car.
I will say that there are few cars that are the exeption. I admire some older cars, however, I would never drive a vintage car.
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