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Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Um, isn't the CTS the smallest Cadillac? doesn't mean its not a big sedan. at this point in my life I enjoy owning 2 door hatchbacks and coupes. while I can.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus I agree with you on the Clash and I'll glance over the other 'hipster bullshit' but I know you're not fucking with one of the few innovative rock bands out today. I was talking mostly about the 'hipsers' who tell people they like this kind of music to try and sound cool, rather than the actual music itself[or real fans] when I made this comment. Should have clarified.
Hyundai Genesis V6 Coupe. that is all I have to say.
The clash are one of the greatest bands of all time. Their music is by far the best of any of the 70s punk scene, and they progressed onward to make even better music exploring other genres(and it sounded good), something extremely hard to pull off. And I don't know where you're getting 'only 2 relevant albums' from. The Clash eponymous(I Fought the Law(for the US version), White Riot, and So Bored with the USA), London Calling(Train In Vain, London Calling, Rudie Can't...
life just sucks in general.
michael moore is an idiot.
Bruce Springsteen The Who Grateful Dead and pretty much rappers in general
i maintain that either one is 10 times better than a bmw z4
s2000 vs 350z? s2000. s2000 vs 370z? 370z. and I'd take any of them over a z4. especially the old one posted in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 I agree. I have not had a chance to drive the CTS-V yet but have driven the Jaguar XFR. It's my understanding the CTS-V is even faster. Thats just insane speed for 4 door sedans. it's got a (slightly detuned) corvette engine in it and was developed at the nuremberg ring. I've driven it, and, well, its a lot more fun than comparable sport sedans(including the M5). Honestly, I would probably never buy...
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