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Quote: Originally Posted by farfisa23 Also, now that the country is swinging socialist again (Obama!!!) i fixed now that i've injected my own political bias, I will say that reagan was pretty sharply dressed.
Lacoste is worth the money because of the Mother-of-pearl buttons. It's the only one at that price point that uses them
okay then, with that said, who are some suitmakers who have partially handmade suits/ better quality suits at the same price point
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite while preppy fashion is generally well, kind of horrible, i can see a few things being implemented into the standard slim-fitting hipster unifor says who? it is, for the most part, dressing conservatively and incorporating elements of sailing, etc, into casual wear. Whats horrible about that
I like some of the BB Country Club Polos, but am a little afraid of the sleeve length on some of them. I'm not a particular fan of the 'Golf' cut(even though that's what i'll be using them to do). So my question is how is the fit? sleeve length? quality? thanks in advance
Remeber that the best way to keep warm is to create an warm air pocket around you. a tight fit isn't ideal for outerwear
I've always liked them, but I agreee narrower(narrower or more narrow?) wales look more dapper
Never can find it at saks, neiman marcus, etc or the outlets(nordstom rack, off 5th, etc), and can't afford to shell out full price. Any suggestions?
Anyone from Bergen county know of a good tailor?
What is the difference between bespoke and MTM? sorry, tried a search nothing came up
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