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Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree you can always try going to a local J&M and checking them out for yourself. otherwise, you can try emailing them. just fyi though most J&M shoes are glued, not welted. and the other afformentioned shoes are welted?
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree try reading this very informative thread: then you will understand what you are saying when you say "good quality" for a shoe. hope it helps! That is a very informative and helpful read, but now I can't find anywhere on the J&M website how they construct thier shoe.
I still don't understand i though J&M was a very good shoe
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy do-able enough for high school, yeah. there's like 400 of them in "new" condition on ebay. What does do-able for high school mean? I was under the impression that these were pretty good quality shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Maybe so. It's just the look of those shoes that rubbed me the wrong way. I'd rather go with some Martegani's from Ron Rider a la these: In any case, there are plenty of options in your price range. Just make sure you do some research on how different brands / lasts fit. thanks for the suggestion, but suede is going to get a little to roughed up for...
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon You're in high school, not a retirement home. I thought that was a fairly classic shoe, and yes, they would be my beater shoes. I though i would look for a pair of A&E on ebay and wear them every third day with these. It's a catholic high school, the dress code is solid oxford button down w/ tie, and solid color chinos. A pennyloafer or oxford seems like the main option.
what about these?
It's not really a tight budget, I was just looking to spend that much.. Two Pairs sounds like a better idea, and $150 each is still do-able. Although if I do decide to spend less on a second pair, would I be able to get away with a pair bough at a store like macy's or other semi-decent department store? I want to get at least one pair of nice shoes, as mishon named, though.
I attend a private high school and the dress code calls for shoes. Some that would look good with a shirt and tie and khakis. Basically I am looking for a decent pair of shoes in Black, Brown, or Burgundy which will last and look good through a school year of rushing through hallways 8 periods a day. I can afford anything under or at $150. Basically pointing me in the direction of a store which could meet these requirements would be appreciated.
Has anyone ever read this book, or know anything about it?
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