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definately don't size up.
30 minutes in warm water sound good?
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 agreed I went to see weezer on halloween and these guys(well, this guy and girl) were amazing. I never heard any of thier songs before besides daylight, and they blew me away. They played about 12 songs with 'the final countdown' , 'jump on it' in between for fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneblood NO...NO NO NO NO honestly, although I love motion city soundtrack, this is now one of my least favorite songs of thiers. I just remember loving it the first time i heard it. i am the movie is thier best album.
so i just bought a pair of skinnys in 31x32 even though i'm usually a 30 waist and i've just outgrown 30 length. The waist fits fine now, and i'll hot soak it if it gets to loose, i'm not worried about that. I'm worried that the length is a little too long. I want to make it shorter but i don't want to fade them in the wash or interrupt the fading process or anything. Will a hot soak do the trick? I know these are n00b questions, but how long and what temperature?...
weezer - only in dreams brand new - sink matt & kim - good old fashioned night-mare(first heard this song live) beatles - we can work it out motion city soundtrack - everything is alright theres probably more i can't think of now. these aren't even my favorite songs as much as they are song that the first time i heard them i just was like, 'wow'
I don't think that anything comes near the iPhone.
paging tokyoslim
^ i agree. wearing scarfs just for the hell of it and not for the actual function is even more douchebaggy than wearing popped collars. loose big crinkly scarfs worn without a coat make me want to vomit.
early 90s civic or accord. will run great even at 275,000+ miles and, while not flashy, won't be embarrassing to drive as long as it's in good condition(ie no dents) and clean.
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