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people who claim that apc ns are crappy jeans of cheap quality make me laugh.
oh, okay, thanks. thats good. didn't want to have knee combs on the back of my thighs.
im pretty sure its just the way his leg is bent - don't get your panties in a bunch.
never understood this sort of style, or the people of sz who wear nothing but it every single day.
okay, stoopid n00b question, i know. but... I soaked my raw, sanfordized jeans the other day and they shrunk a little. I like the way they fit now, but am worried about them stretching back out. Can I periodically(say every 2 months) soak them the same way I did before wearing them, without any problems? I know they will shrink back down with a washing too, but I wanted to know if soaking them would be safe after months of wear. I've heard of people soaking them after...
j crew is that you?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet How are you going to tell me about it and not post a pic man?! The irony in this is making my head asplode
yeah, i don't do cases. i have an ipod touch and i just have a screen protector over the front. thats really all you need. i hate the bulk of cases.
who cares? good or bad, I wouldn't discourage someone from posting pics in this thread, even if they are perceived as overly indulgent.
gay? no. If i were to buy an iphone, i would get that one. hides scratches better imo.
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