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Indie to me is about the music, not what label you are signed to or how much money/fans you have. that being said;
All i've got to say it: The Clash although their best work wasn't what you would call 'punk rock' exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Right wing does not equal christian whackjob. agreed.
seriously, is anyone happy about this? supporters of heath care reform are unhappy, and people who opposed the bill remain unhappy.
fugly imo
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. I'm afraid to dive into audiophilia. I may never resurface. this. I have started to appreciate the difference between flac files and my old 128kbps mp3s, and am afraid I might end up with cables and speakers that cost more than college tuition.
people from 4chan don't know how to adjust to the regular interwebs world. they usually wind up getting banned on any regular message board they join after 4chan.
i think tattoos are hideous and would never want one on my body. ugly black and purple ink that you can't remove, usually in some awful design. That being said, do whatever you want to do. If tattoos are your thing, by all means I don't care if you want them or not.
the operative word being quality
sometimes, not always.
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