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college rock will forever mean 80s R.E.M., big audio dynamite, dinasaur jr, pixies, the replacements, sonic youth, etc, to me. Doesn't matter what college students are listening to nowadays, THAT was college rock.
well, at the very least, thanks for inspiring me to try and work hard enough now so that I don't have to live check to check. Not that I wanted to do that before this, but people sharing their stories is certainly a motivator.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Stops cold drafts and lowers heating bills. to be honest, we only do this on a sliding glass door that covers most of one wall in an extension that is cut off from central heating. we also have one of those plug in heaters for that room, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto You better... or you might end up having to survive on Ramen soups from the 99 cents store like me. that is my nightmare. to graduate college and live alone in an apartment that I can barely pay for with my part time job. Have no furniture, and barely get by on ramen noodles.
I'm 17 and I'm about to go away to college. Reading this thread has really scared me. I'm gonna bust my ass in college(and after). Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire put plastic over your windows in the winter I am a child of a middle class family living in the suburbs and we still do this.
I really don't understand why people like The uncle tupelo Stuff more than wilco.
People who get all bent out of shape about what is/isn't (insert genre here) are ridiculous.
...and we have a winner: Quote: Originally Posted by starcrash
Indie to me is about the music, not what label you are signed to or how much money/fans you have. that being said;
All i've got to say it: The Clash although their best work wasn't what you would call 'punk rock' exactly.
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