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I often find myself liking the same music they do - it's just that the bands they like, they like too much, and slob all over them to a ridiculous extent.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum well it's not like ppl think of it as indie music just because pitchfork said so... highly doubt anybody even read it I'm not talkin about this album in particular, just it seems that whenever someone hears the 'indie' tag applied to something, they automatically think of the website that gave 'merriweather post pavillion' a higher score than 'let it be' and sort of resent it for stuff like that.
I blame pitchfork for those who are writing this album off because it is 'indie'. It gives indie music such a bad name
maybe it's that I have yet to see a good-looking pair of cargo pants. I don't deny that they might be out there.
I would advise against cargo pants. They almost always make you look baggy and disheveled, especially if you put things in the pockets. Maybe a pair of chinos instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by zillka So we have a semi-heated (really) office discussion about bed-making and I'd like to try something here given the forum's sartorial (thus, also assume discerning) nature. If you could just please respond if: a) you make your bed or not b) when you started doing this c) your profession grazi a.) yes b.) as long as I can remember. c.) currently unemployed high school student
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i honestly don't understand what y'all are hating on. i feel like most of you just gave it a cursory listen and ignored it just because it's "indie" music... this.
R.E.M. is amazing. thier 80s work was thier best. murmer, fables, reckoning.. great stuff.
The special goodness the relationship ozma
basically, 'alternative rock' before it was called alternative rock.
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