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Hey Guys, We received a box from Farinelli's yesterday with jeans and they are currently being repaired. People who sent jeans direct to SS should have received them back by now. I will update again when the jeans get shipped out. thanks, Chad
If your jeans have not been sent yet. Please send direct to us here. Secret Service 1855 Industrial St. #107 LA, CA 90021 We will immediate handle repairs and get them back out. thanks, chad
Hey Guys, Mauro and I have been working together on the best way of fixing these. I sent him two options from the factory and he is reviewing and deciding which will be best. I would expect him to chime in today and get the process started for those of you with some problems. Thanks again for the patience and letting us make this up to you. chad
Hey all. First off I want to apologize for the problems some of you are having with your new jeans. The problems are inexcusable and will be made right. Also I want you guys to know the problems are coming out of the Crate part of this collab not Farinelli's. The crew over there was respnsible for fit and fabric we all can agree that part is pretty spot on. The best part about doing SF specific programs is the feedback we immediately get from an educated consumer. I...
Hey guys. We are just chiming in on this program. We dig the fit and details. I've been wearing mine for the better part of two weeks and like them more everyday. We'll have just a few in the sizes that aren't immediately sold through Farinelli's. Come to the pinewood derby, score a great deal and a free drink and check em out.
Good topic Robbie. Any Wes Anderson flick immediately comes to mind even though I can't identify personally wardrobe wise with any characters. War movies are easy and any classic New York 60's movie works. I wear jeans and v-necks...that is every movie ever made. Jason Thick as Thieves should have a good answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini That kind of question falls under the "Mauro or I will ask Chad in a couple of days" category. Quit being as dick. I respond as fast as possible which apparently isn't fast enough. Anyway, I heard this internet thing isn't gonna last. Doing my best gents. Will be emailing all who sent messages today by tomorrow. Thanks. SS
This will be rad. Well played Self Edge. The Vintagent is a great site and I could only imagine how cool the bikes he brings out will be. Wish I could make it.
Wish I lived in that store.
I'd buy it. Blue one is cool.
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