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great, guys...but this thread is about a good pair of shoes with jeans...jeans cost $40 - 50 bucks, and would like to match a nice pair of shoes with that.   in terms of the poor reviews for the AE shoe, just look here:   The AE Eugene Derby Shoes are kind of nice at $150...a little dressy, though.
Wow about the blue chucks! Thanks for all the insights...I know, I had some strange prejudice about Vans and Converse...but I got an open mind, too ;-)
Well, can you get good quality shoes for under $150? The AE Kenilworth are $250 on sale, which is a bit steep. Also, if you read the reviews, the AE is prone to bowing and losing its shape after just a few they look beautiful, but do they last?
For myself, my first pairs of sneakers were Pro Keds a long time ago! For old school sneakers, I like Adidas and Pumas. I just never wrapped my mind around Vans or Converse and kind of think of them as hipster/yuppie shoes...maybe my prejudice?   EDIT: I should add that Vans are big in California, so maybe they are more authentic there
I'm thinking the Cole Haan look better, but the Florsheim probably are more comfortable and do better in cold weather. I was also looking at Rockport and Ecco. I really like the idea of a derby.   Thanks OlafG, I'll look into the AE's too.
beautiful shoes, but can you wear something so sharp with blue jeans?
Hi, I'm in NYC and also wear jeans 24/7...I'd like to step things up and get some nice shoes, maybe some slacks, I got a great sports coat sitting in my closet for the past few I'm working up to that ;-) The sports coat is Donna Karan hand tailored, btw...bought it for $2 at Goodwill...looks new and fits great, so kind of silly I've never worn it. Mostly I wear good shirts, jeans and adidas sneakers.
I'm looking for a decent pair of shoes to wear with jeans and a dress shirt that can also be worn with slacks. Actually, I'm really surprised how long this is taking. Anyway, I've been thinking of the following two shoes:   Cole Haan Clayton in chestnut     Florsheim Gallo in cognac     My jeans are pretty faded now (505's), but I guess I can go get some new pairs that look pretty blue...I'm trying to step up my style ;-)
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