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Hey guys, what are your thoughts for sandals for men this summer. I wore a pair last year with linen pants and the likes, but wasn't sure if that was still "in" for this year. I haven't seen many men in sandals this year, but it may still be a bit early. I'm in the south, so we've had some pretty warm days already. Any how, what are your thoughts? There is a pair of Kenneth Cole that look really sharp. Thanks
Silver lite by Escada. Very nice.
Find out what day your N.Rack gets their deliveries.  Mine in the Dallas area gets theirs on Thursday's.  That's the best day to shop, but they are usually very busy.  Everyone know's that's the best day to get the good stuff.
I leave all my linen and silk handkerchiefs laying flat in a single stack on a sweater shelf in my wardrobe. I never know how I'm going to use it until I get dressed. Sometimes they end up folded in an inside pocket, and sometimes they are stuffed in an outer pocket to be seen.
Wear gloves. It will take some getting used to, but in the corporate world, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A mans hand-shake is very important to future employers, associates, or clients. Rough hands scream out redneck.
I use an after shower oil. Neutrogena makes one that is real light and has yet to clog my pores. It usually only takes a couple of appications a week to keep me from feeling so dry. I never use it on my face. I use face moisturizer after I shave.
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