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An interesting development...I met with my current boss and resigned today. He refused to accept it and asked me to meet with him tomorrow. He told me to make a list of everything I wanted and he would make sure I got it if I stayed. He wants to know what divisions I want to run and how much money I want to run it. It was the most unusual meeting I have had in some time. More news tomorrow.
Some time back I wrote on this forum about how my CEO did not like the fact that I wore colorful socks with my suits. Today I am resigning to take a VP job with another company and as a parting gift I plan on giving him a pair of brightly colored polka dot socks. Not as an FU but rather to lighten the somber mood of my resignation.
I live in Florida and wears suits 5 days a week and for about 7 months the temperature is 90 degrees plus everyday. The weight is the most crucial. I have quite a few suits and anything with a mid to heavy weight has been donated. My favorite light weight summer suits are made by Castangia. They are light as a cloud. All of my suits are summer wools, some have a mix of silk or linen. You can be quite comfortable.
Over 14 hours of interviews, IQ tests, Psych Evals and I was offered the job last week.
Yes...two to the knee caps. But I will recover with one Hell of a strut.
I would say if you weren't there for a year I would not include it.The bigger issue with turnover is avoiding a trend. I am a good example of this...First major job - 6 yearsSecond major job - 7 yearsThird major job - 2.5 yearsCurrent job - 1 year (and I have a job offer on the table from another company that sought me out)I can accept this job, however it has to be a great fit for me. Worst case scenario I have to put in at least 3 years and I could argue 5 or more. I am...
Fortunately (for me) Harold it's not the type of interview you are accustomed to (clearly), but if that helps you get a head (oh yes pun intended), who am I to judge?I have received an offer from the company and I countered with a proposal of my own. I am not sure if they will accept my terms which means I need to be prepared to walk away from this amazing opportunity.
I recently had a company reach out to me to gauge my interest in working for them. I had no idea what the process would be like, or how long it would take. If memory serves this process started in June. Here is the breakdown: 1 hour interview with corporate recruiter (2 weeks later) 2 hour interview with President of Division (2 weeks later) 30 minute interview with another Division President (2 weeks later) 2 hour online test testing math, verbal and personality 1.5...
It's a good question and one that is important for the current times. Unfortunately I think this is kind of the sign of the times. As I check resumes for people I am considering hiring I see a lot of turnover. It's not uncommon to find 1 and 2 year stints where years ago it was a big deal not to have at least 5 years at a company before leaving. I am in a similar spot. I have a company that has pursued me, and I have spent just a year in my current position. On Monday the...
I need to go pick up some dress shirts. I had custom made for me. A bit worries about one of them. I decided to experiment and ordered a brown and white gingham dress shirt with white collar and white cuffs. I also purchased a white linen pocket square with brown trim and a solid brown Tom Ford tie. The combo will either look fantastic or terrible.
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