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Thoughts on an ivory dinner jacket with peak lapels?
My thought process with the ivory dinner jacket as a guest: as a guest shouldn't it be my responsibility to be more traditional/conservative? Question: With the ivory dinner jacket can one wear the black silk u shaped waistcoat, or is the black Cumberbund the only choice?
Tuxedo update: I am having the ushaped waistcoat made for me with a matching butterfly bow tie (because I have a massive Fred Flintsone style head). I took my tuxedo to my favorite mens shop and matched up satin fabrics until we found a perfect match. Shirt is up in the air. I have a tuxedo shirt, but it isn't as nice as it should be. I have looked at Eton and online at Luxire (which looks fantatic), though I worry about not seeing something before I purchase it. My...
I have a beautiful Zegna black peaked lapel tuxedo and am looking for the perfect complimentary pieces. Next week am having a black low cut u shaped waistcoat made. Questions: 1) I want a great tuxedo shirt and am looking for suggestions. Can you assist me? 2) in the early part of the 20th century the tuxedo dickie (sometimes called a frock) was utilized. Some of these dickies were made of celluloid. As a throw back I was considering trying to find one. Any...
An interesting development...I met with my current boss and resigned today. He refused to accept it and asked me to meet with him tomorrow. He told me to make a list of everything I wanted and he would make sure I got it if I stayed. He wants to know what divisions I want to run and how much money I want to run it. It was the most unusual meeting I have had in some time. More news tomorrow.
Some time back I wrote on this forum about how my CEO did not like the fact that I wore colorful socks with my suits. Today I am resigning to take a VP job with another company and as a parting gift I plan on giving him a pair of brightly colored polka dot socks. Not as an FU but rather to lighten the somber mood of my resignation.
I live in Florida and wears suits 5 days a week and for about 7 months the temperature is 90 degrees plus everyday. The weight is the most crucial. I have quite a few suits and anything with a mid to heavy weight has been donated. My favorite light weight summer suits are made by Castangia. They are light as a cloud. All of my suits are summer wools, some have a mix of silk or linen. You can be quite comfortable.
Over 14 hours of interviews, IQ tests, Psych Evals and I was offered the job last week.
Yes...two to the knee caps. But I will recover with one Hell of a strut.
I would say if you weren't there for a year I would not include it.The bigger issue with turnover is avoiding a trend. I am a good example of this...First major job - 6 yearsSecond major job - 7 yearsThird major job - 2.5 yearsCurrent job - 1 year (and I have a job offer on the table from another company that sought me out)I can accept this job, however it has to be a great fit for me. Worst case scenario I have to put in at least 3 years and I could argue 5 or more. I am...
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