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My Brannock size is 11, which is what I usually order. For me its for length. I have narrow feet so typical D width shoes are always too wide. I typically wear thicker socks and like to have plenty of toe room so I seldom size down. I also wear the RW Chukka is 11. The RW moc toe is the only boot I've ever had to size down for.
I've got both the cap toe and cordovan versions in size 11 and I wear the Red Wing moc toe boot in size 10.5 if that helps. I like the cordovan boot much better than the cap toe. I recently saw the black version and thought they were pretty cool looking. I don't wear my Katahdin's as much though since I've discovered Red Wings.
 Thanks for the info. Small toe area is exactly where they feel a little tight.
Can anyone speak to the fit of the Classic Round toe boot vs the Chukka or Moc toe boot?   I'm wanting to get a 6" black boot and I like the comfort of the crepe sole. The chukka boots fit me well in size 11. I've tried on a moc toe in 10.5. There was plenty of room in front of my toes but there was pressure on the outside of my forefoot. I'm guessing this would stretch out some even though the toe box is really rigid. Otherwise, they felt pretty good. They were...
I don't mind the Weekender chukka, they're like a better quality Clark's Desert Boot. However, the asymmetry on this pair looks off. If they matched it might be more bearable.  I agree with others that you might consider the work chukka. The 3141 is my favorite. Although, I'm also still considering getting a pair of Muleskinner Weekender chukkas.
 Those look pretty bad-ass! So did they retain their original comfort level? I know they replace the cork under the footbed plus that new leather looks pretty thick and stiff. I didn't realize Red Wing had these kinds of options for resoling.
Beginning new break-in: 3140 Oro-Iginal Chukka. The first pair I ordered was shorter and narrower than my current chukka boots. This pair is even narrower than the first, but they're the same length as my 3141 so they fit my narrow feet ok. Can't imagine someone with a wider foot wearing this pair. Kind of surprised that Red Wing isn't more consistent from pair to pair using the same last.     The leather on these (including the footbed) is thicker and stiffer...
Anyone else experience size inconsistencies within the same model / size?   I have the 3141 chukka, which I really like, and thought it would be good to have another pair of chukkas to rotate wearing. I ordered a pair of 3140, same size. When I tried them on, they just didn't seem to fit the same. At first I figured it was because the leather seemed thicker and stiffer or that they are new. But I kept feeling like my toes were squished. I compared them to my 3141's and...
 Where are you ordering from, directly from Red Wing? Also, curious to get your thoughts on the comfort level of these. These new sleeker designs look nice but the sole is so thin, doesn't look like there's much room for cushioning under the footbed.
 I found this page a while back, which has some good information on caring for Red Wing leathers: https://www.ropedye.com/2012/11/rwcare/ I like how the writer goes into specifics for the different types of leathers. Here's some of the quotes for roughout leathers:"The second group of leathers is the reverse suede leathers, also known as ”roughouts,” which includes Abilene, Mohave and Muleskinner." "For Muleskinner leather apply Mink Oil. Abilene and Mohave leathers...
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