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 I found this page a while back, which has some good information on caring for Red Wing leathers: https://www.ropedye.com/2012/11/rwcare/ I like how the writer goes into specifics for the different types of leathers. Here's some of the quotes for roughout leathers:"The second group of leathers is the reverse suede leathers, also known as ”roughouts,” which includes Abilene, Mohave and Muleskinner." "For Muleskinner leather apply Mink Oil. Abilene and Mohave leathers...
 Love the Muleskinner leather and round toe. Great price too. Wish we had options for making purchases like this where I live.
Looks like they just hit the US. I've seen news for these for a while and Red Wing Amsterdam http://www.redwingamsterdam.com/ has been posting photos of them for several weeks. I'm curious to see if they catch on. I personally don't really like the stacked heel designs. The Short Engineer looks pretty nice though.
The first thing I thought when I saw the photos above is that it looked like a denim CPO shirt, which is pretty cool.
I've been to Europe twice. Once I spent time in southern England and another trip to France and surrounding countries. My first trip I only had a leather jacket and I was miserable. The climate was so damp and the leather was never comfortable. I ended up buying a waxed cloth coat while I was there. It was better but it always felt clammy to me.   The second trip I brought a long black wool (non-insulated) coat. It was perfect. Wool to me handles being in humid damp cold...
Red Wing Classic Chukka, 3141, Briar Oil Slick. 5 months of wear, 5-6 days a week. The leather was well oiled when I received them, so I have yet to do anything to the leather. All I've done is wipe them down or run a brush over them. One of my all time favorite footwear purchases. I love this leather. I think it wears well. I like the way the laces wear on the tongue. I may oil them this winter.            
whoops. wrong thread. not sure how to delete post.
I don't have any current pics. If I get a chance I'll try and take some to post in the next few weeks. However, I did post a pic on April 4 in this thread, when they were new.
 FWIW, I'm not a fan of the white sole either. (My wife has even told me that she doesn't really care for it.) I ordered my boots just to try them and was mostly planning to return them. I wanted to compare them to the Weekender Chukka, which I was considering at the  time. But the moment I tried them on, I knew I was keeping them. They were much more comfortable than I anticipated. I really like the Briar Oil Slick leather too. I think the color is great, versatile and...
 Glad its not just me. I work with a guy that has 875's that he wears nearly every day. They look cool on him. But every time I try on moc toes, they just don't seem right. I love my chukkas (3141), I find myself always reaching for them most often. I end up wearing them 5-6 days a week.
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