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Hello Everyone!   Just wanted to let you know we've received the exclusive and limited collaboration between our store, XHIBITION and Mark Mcnairy.   The "Duck Boot" (tiger duck camo/walnut boot), is available in store and via phone order.     X H I B I T I O N 2068 West 25th Cleveland, Ohio 44113 (216) 298-4770 IG: @xhibition_
Recently picked up a couple items from Isaora, specifically the 'water resistant pant' and the 'stretch button down shirt'. The pants aren't very water resistant, and the shirt has little to no stretch (as always the sizing always seems huge on me). The fabrics appear to be quite nice (I get a lot of compliments on the texture of both items). The elastic at the bottom of the pants also gets twisted around, which can be annoying.   Also seeing if there's any interest...
I have an ibex breakaway hoody that I swear by, and have worn it every day this season (not joking). It uses a schoeller wool blend (climbawool) that can't be beat. Construction is great, all though a bit more of an athletic cut (closer fit to body on my medium 5'8" frame). Purchased mine for about half price on steepandcheap over the summer. Looks like the climb has some in M (pitch grey), for even...
Anyone have SuFu access and is able to get me in contact with this person? Thanks in advance.
want:   descente x foot the coacher : integrity hardshell   recent purchase: (will post a review if anyone's interested)
I am a veteran finishing my degree in industrial design. Interested in purchasing used technical clothing (SISP, Arc'Veilance, Acronym, etc.). Attempting to slowly gain knowledge on the vast amounts and types of technologies/fabrics put into these artifacts.
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