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Hello good people!   Looking for this seasons Cameraman in the brown and navy in a size 54   Any ideas where to purchase?   Anybody willing to sell?   Many thanks in advance!   And all the best to you guys this Christmas!
Has any Cabourn devotee owned a pair of Rising Sun jeans?    
A Nigel Cabourn Store here in the United Kingdom?   Surely that would take the fun out of; desperately searching the internet for his clothing, buying an item, wearing the item, realising the item doesn't fit properly, selling the item on, buying the item again in a size that does fit. And repeat.
I'm too rotund a gentleman to capitalize on those fantastic deals at Marrkt!
Apologies, this question was intended for jopson.
Did you buy you Everest Parka from Flannels perchance?
To add my two pennies' worth; the last time I shopped at Coggles, pre The Hut Group takeover, it was becoming evident that the business was slowly turning into a sinking ship. I presonally believe that too great a responsibility was given to an inexperienced and unprofessional staff.
Thank you for the info on the fit of the Everest Parka   Another curiosity I have for you guys is; where could one find replacement buttons for the Workwear Jean, or any replacement buttons for that matter?   I thank you.
I have the Cold Weather parka in a 54 and had seen somewhere that the Everest Parka fits large   So my question is; would I get away with a size 52 in the Everest Parka, or, stick to a size 54?   Over to you guys!
Anybody know where I can grab the Medical Shirt in a 52 grey?   I get the feeling I have slept on this one!   Many thanks in advance!
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