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Thanks for the reply
Hello to all   I'm looking for some advice on these jackets   Isogon Arris Node Down   The Node Down looks beautiful but I have the feeling that it may be too much for a UK winter, I'm thinking more of going with the Arris and wearing layers underneath   Also anybody had any personal experience with the Isogon jacket?   Many thanks in advance
Okay so I find myself at this point in the year again, sat on the AW Cabourn sale, and now desperately seeking an item from that collection!   Anybody know where I can pick up the M43 Flight jacket in RAF Grey in a 50?   I would love you long time if you have the answer!
Thanks for the reply!   Any info on how the 52 fits you?
Anybody know where I can pick up last seasons Zip Cardigan in Orange in a 50?   Or if anybody is willing to part with one I'm most interested!   I've found this link but I dont know what to make of it   Any ideas? Many thanks!
Has anybody had any experience with the website   They stock Cabourn clothing at a discounted price, too good to be true?   Also can anybody detail their experiences with an Everest Parka, sizing guide, fit etc   Many thanks!
Hello good people!   Looking for this seasons Cameraman in the brown and navy in a size 54   Any ideas where to purchase?   Anybody willing to sell?   Many thanks in advance!   And all the best to you guys this Christmas!
Has any Cabourn devotee owned a pair of Rising Sun jeans?    
A Nigel Cabourn Store here in the United Kingdom?   Surely that would take the fun out of; desperately searching the internet for his clothing, buying an item, wearing the item, realising the item doesn't fit properly, selling the item on, buying the item again in a size that does fit. And repeat.
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