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These Church's has been well cared for, always with the Church shoe trees and shoe bags, that of course are included in the sale. They've had a rubber sole put onto them from the start and hence have the original sole still on them. If you wish more pictures i'll be happy to help. You can see from the pictures that they have not been worn that much. Size 8 G.  I'm accepting paypal and can ship anywhere. Sales are final. 
I'm looking to buy a Sterlingwear Navigator Peacoat. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall, 150 pounds, fairly slim/normal/i work out, usually wear a 38S suit, 15 3/4 neck, armlenght on shirts is 21.5 inches, waist is 31 inches. Should i get a 38S? I live in a cold country and would like a pretty thick sweater under it. Anyone know if it may be too short? Too tight?
How widespread is the use of plastic heel stiffeners in shoes including and above loake 1880 and meermin?
Looks like they removed the 2 pea coats and 2 of the DB coats that had polyamid in them... i wonder why.
Thanks, sounds reasonable, in the future i'll probably buy a shorter suit jacket and see how that fits me, and but the next full suit i'll probably try an MTM. Overall i'm happy with the napoli though, and i am fully aware that i don't have the body they make the sizes for :-)
Nope, both are after tailoring, and it's the same suit and shirt, and i have the same weight in both pictures, so it's just a case of me taking photographs with a timer and therefore making weird poses and i didn't realise i made the arms look weird when i put the pics here... So right now i am a little worried that it is a bit too tight around the waist and that the bottom of the suit flairs on the back because of that? If so, i can ask my tailor to let it out a...
Ah, i assure you that the sleeves are absolutely fucked up on the crappy pictures because i did something weird with my arms! Thanks!
Was gonna buy that one, not anymore.... Wtf is up with not telling it on the website???
I'm going to buy the Tan Country Calf, but i'm not sure about the size. I have a pair of Allen Edmonds Broadstreet 7.5 E on the "3 Last (73)" that fits me good. Which size do you think i should get in these? 
Hello! Need help with my Suitsupply Napoli suit, i am 172 cm and weigh 68 kgs, i've always felt that suits are a bit too long for me, and this is the first serious suit i've bought. I have taken in the sides, shortened the sleeves and fixed the neck at a tailor. However, is it too long for me? I think my arms may a bit short compared to my body. The suit reached between end of thumb and end of pointing finger.  Sorry for the bad pictures and everything, but i would be...
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