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Would love to see pictures of it worn without a tie... :-) 
Looks very good i think, if you get the arms done, and maybe a wash and press? It looks a bit wrinkly. 
Got my Black Friday package the other day, and i'm a very happy! Grandi & Rubinelli - Flannel Red Ecru Tattersail http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi-rubinelli-flan-r-21186-pronto Brisbane Moss - Corn 10 Wale Corduroy http://custom.luxire.com/products/brisbane-moss-3124-corn-980-10-wale-corduroy Thoughts:  This was my first shirt from luxire and therefore i ordered a more casual flannel shirt and was a bit wary on tightness, so it's a little bit bigger than my...
Is that a US size 7? Is fit TTS? How much? 
What is the drop on this? 
Looks like hunting gear, so looks might be secondary. I'd love the shirt if it had normal pockets and no patches. 
Sell it to me No really, would be great to see fit pics as i look for one too...
Yes i'm waiting on a shirt and a pair of brisbane moss cords. 
Yeah, i'll probably just wear a t shirt if i know i'm gonna be in a stable climate, but sometimes i like to be able to scale down to a shirt if i get hot. The sweater is so comfortable that last night i couldn't be bothered to take it off when i was falling asleep (tiredness-induced coma whilst reading a book), so i fell asleep in it and only took it off when i woke up 4 in the morning.
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