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Ah, that's new information for me, gonna have to start looking at a 34 then :-) Do you know if this is consistent through the years from WWII to the seveties? 
Just pitching in my two experiences with vintage peacoats - i've bought two off of ebay, both from around 1966/67 and the pit to pit has been a little "off" => first i bought a 38R that had a p2p of over 21 inches, i sold that one to a friend, and then i bought a 36R which has exactly 20 inch p2p.
Medium brown darkens it a bit, and havana is even darker. If you want to keep the original colour i suppose light brown or something that is not as dark as medium brown. 
With my high instep the place where the "tongue" is sewn on is hurting a bit on my Cambridges, but i guess it will stretch out a bit. I dont need to tighten the lower bars of lacing at all actually... 
@luxire What do you reckon the turnaround will be for a G&R flannel shirt and a Brisbane Moss corduroy pant ordered at black friday?
The G&R flannel shirts said handwash, but really, they should be able to wash like normal shirts, right?
Anyone got an idea of what the problem is with the creasing under the butt?
First time customer, ordered a pair of AS cambridge with 20% off, free shipping, free shoe trees, and they even included a pair of free galoshes and a tin of saphir pate de luxe!!!! Best deal ever. 5 stars! 
What collar, Vodking? Standard? Looks very nice. On another point, i'm ready to order my first luxire shirt and i've got the measurements sorted out i think, i work out and i don't have a belly, and therefore all my shirts are huge in the lower back while the front part is good, so in the waist i guess the front part of the shirt should be bigger and the back part smaller. And i don't want any pleats, right? How do i instruct on the back issue when i order? And i think i...
For sale is a pair of Meermin Chukkas on the Rui last, Size UK 7. Calf uppers with the colour of brown with some red in it.  Rubber soles. These shoes have been very sparsely used and well taked care of with shoe trees and saphir products.  Ships from Sweden with box (slightly damaged) and shoebag.  Price + 4% paypal fee + shipping  
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