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Yes, but should look good without a tie too. That picture is only for reference, but it's a style i like. 
Hi, i'm graduating this summer and i would like to order a nice clean white shirt, more formal than the oxfords i usually wear. I'm looking for two things: 1. A nice white fabric under 100 USD, not see though, not shiny, but a perfect plain business-white, poplin, plaincloth? i'm not an export on fabrics. There are so many different white fabrics so i ask you kindly to give me your favorite.   2. I'm looking for a a classic turn-down collar like...
Hi, i put the hugo boots together with some saphire products and a pair of extra shoe trees in the shopping bag, total including vat was 252 GBP, but the afpos10 discount code did not work, any idea why? @Afinepairofshoes
Would love to see pictures of it worn without a tie... :-) 
Looks very good i think, if you get the arms done, and maybe a wash and press? It looks a bit wrinkly. 
Got my Black Friday package the other day, and i'm a very happy! Grandi & Rubinelli - Flannel Red Ecru Tattersail Brisbane Moss - Corn 10 Wale Corduroy Thoughts:  This was my first shirt from luxire and therefore i ordered a more casual flannel shirt and was a bit wary on tightness, so it's a little bit bigger than my...
Is that a US size 7? Is fit TTS? How much? 
What is the drop on this? 
Looks like hunting gear, so looks might be secondary. I'd love the shirt if it had normal pockets and no patches. 
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