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APC New Standards. Professionally hemmed to a 30" inseam. Worn a few times (literally). They've spent months hanging in my closet so I need to get rid of them. Willing to entertain offers of trades for other denim.
Looking for some sizing advice. Purchased a pair of APC New Standards a few months ago. Though I sized down two, the waist has began stretching to the point of making the pants sag. In addition, I'm finding the leg opening wider than I'd like, making for somewhat of a boxy fit. Decided to try out some Petit Standards; I like the size of the leg opening, but the thighs were embarrassingly tight (I sized down three). If purchased in regular size, would Petit Standards...
Price drop - $110
Like new APC Petit Standards. I've worn them a few times around the house to stretch, but they're still too small for me. Inseam professionally hemmed to 28". Waist is tagged at 29". Never washed, hung in closet. Any questions, just ask.
Let me know if you have anything. Looking for new/very good condition.
You might have better luck looking at professional prints offered by contemporary artists. There are a lot of decent artists working today (who are still offering their work at reasonable prices). It's up to you to decide what is tasteful and what isn't. If you don't take yourself too seriously, I'd say you could probably get away with a repro (regardless of quality). If you're concerned about maintaining status quo, owning a master oil repro will likely make you look...
Entry level questions: Any recommended brands (around 100) that offer a drainpipe style flat front/slim fit trouser? What size leg opening would best compliment dress boots (e.g. chelsea boots)?
BA: Art History Looking to relocate out of Iowa so I can use part of the degree. Grad school for something unrelated would probably be a more realistic option, though.
[quote=Lel;4499165] What kind of boots? Great look
Enjoying L.A. Noire so far. Playing in black and white though.
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