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Exactly my thoughts before I got the Alden bug. Utilitarian opinion: They look good; they are most comfortable. 
PSA: Alden irregulars just landed. Nothing exotic in 9 or 9.5. Not much in other shells either. Unique opportunity to score some discount at unionmade.
That is correct as far as my experience goes.
How are the Leffot Tankers sized on Barrie vs Jcrew captoes on Barrie? I mean are they equally snug? 
Have to concur. Doubt most people would buy it if it was available like even whiskey or cigar, forget the ubiquitous color 8. But then again, given its rarity I would jump on it without a second thought.
That may be the practical thing to do. If you are not obsessed with maintenance, shell doesn't do well with abundance of rain and snow, and working the shine back may turn you off. The shine that you have on new shell changes. Of course this depends on extent and length of use. And you may like the appearance as it ages. That said I wore my Ravello LWB in 3-4 inch snow and puddle this past winter and mere wiping off the wetness still preserved its appearance. On my color...
You don't really need commando sole for that. It helps but isn't necessary if you rotate your boots enough. Try the reverse tobacco chamois on commando if you want to wear something everyday in sleet, snow or muddy/rainy conditions. Highly recommend.
Search Halleck boot pics here. Should make your call easy.
I know what you mean. Typically if a size is good for you in Barrie last then the same size will work effortless with Trubalance (it's the roomiest last afterall). But, strictly speaking for myself, I've gained weight since some of my shell purchases last year (I blame it on the severe winter) and those Barrie shoes now do feel tight. The Trubalance boots still fit perfectly. Hopefully some biking with the warm weather will help to trim down and this won't be an issue at...
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