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Thanks Buckeye. Keep the wisdom coming. Appreciate your input. I use the cigar captoe's for the same purpose, and couple other shell. They've got some solid winter scuffs now. What's your take on using Venetian? That's what I have but I have dared not use it on shell yet. I also have Red Wing Shoe cream and leather conditioner but I use that on Chromexcel Indy and Wolverine 1K and it works great on them. 
Pic? Curious to see how it looks in the wild. 
[[SPOILER]] Fantastic color on those. Congrats Watchman! 
 I get what you mean. Thought the same when I first saw the Frans Boone stuff. Though with jeans they won't be a problem and with trousers they're mostly covered so no big deal there either. 
Curious to see how he pulls it off. 
That looks like a fantastic makeup. What last? 
He walks on water to break in his Aldens.
 Congrats man. That's a beauty. Was worth the wait after all.   Relax. It was all in jest. And congratulations and enjoy the boots. 
You DID NOT just do that. Only the Alden gods can save you from Tifosi now. 
Same here. He's been waiting long for his grails-- and Ours.  
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