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Nice shine on both. Pristine looking. Do you have any 'before' pics? 
 Would like to know how they fit compared to Grant last. Trubalance seems to fit better than Grant or Barrie for me. But then again these are CXL so they will be more roomy eventually. They look outstanding btw. Congratulations! 
So LS does have some secret list.
Same experience. Chukkas on Barrie have always been snug in the mid-section for me. And that never got better honestly.  In Shell Barrie fit,LWB>=PTB>Boots>Chukka
 Shell boots are snugger that shoes in general. The jcrew PCTs are particularly snug. I am not sure if the 270 welt has anything to do with it, but despite being Barrie, it sure is snug. Try out something in E width for boots and that's probably the best way to go about it. 
Thanks Mike.
Thanks for the heads up. 
It's spoken for, sorry! 
Thanks.  Those Tobacco Chamois captoes are flying. 
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