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 Back then all retailers could post rare shells on their website though. Nowadays only the leftovers get posted(on Shoemart at least). 
Not really. Look what they say in that instagram: "Alden x Leffot. Nothing to gain from here." 
The last run was not posted on their website. That said, that run turned out great. 
Damn! Will dampen ebay racketeers for sure. 
This is Reverse Tobacco chamois right? 
Totally agree. Looks like someone bought them to resell. Ebay will rat 'em out soon. 
  Just going by my experience. Ordered six pairs sometime last spring/summer (my first buy from the list; don't judge me:) ), returned couple. Anyways, considering I was a first time buyer, even then they didn't object to ordering six pairs at that time.   
Scored Reverse Tobacco Chamois. Glad I skipped Leffot. Missed out on the Context (-like) tankers from the list. Congratulations to whoever got those. 
Don't think that applies to their irregulars.
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