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Cobbler Union has 60mm flat laces. I may have to order a few from here for my chukka boots and incoming Deco Wildes...
I'm with CanadaCal on this, I'd love to see "in-the-wild" pictures of this to get a better idea how these would fit.Justin - I have a few additional questions on the Genesee jodhpurs, I sent an email, looking forward to hearing back!
The images of this jacket from Lawrence Covell (from where I was looking) display as 3-roll-2.
Thanks for the input and the extra photos, I'll keep this in mind; not sure a shirt jacket piece is for me...
Thanks for posting pics of this jacket, @mossrockss! Got two questions - is this vented, and can you comfortably button this up in your normal size (i.e. no dreaded "x" creases)?
Nice - I'd been eyeing that Lupo for a while, but missed out on my size. Where did you purchase that?
Great photos, sir! I like the different perspective on these pics. Are you gonna wear different color laces with those?
Thank you Ttown. Now it's your turn to show off your duds (they'll complement the Gaziano and Girlings quite well )
Thanks for the FJ, @JIMB! Field jacket in brown plaid (I think?) linen, paired with this season's striped crewneck sweater peaking out...
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