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Awesome! So that's your third Burnham? How much extra for the medallion? And, as ever, enjoy them
Thanks for posting the pics guys. Question - does this come with belt loops for the sash?
Dear Lord, that's the way to do Chelsea boots! Too bad there are no Burnham GTMOs for this combo
OK, thanks! I like it
Approved! Is this a new color? How does it compare with Vintage Oak? I'm familiar with Vintage Pine (one of my Connaught pairs), but haven't heard of this shade. Thanks!
Sounds like a solid selection. I actually have no idea what I'd pair those with, actually! (My kudu is limited to the Skoaktiebolaget GMTO G&G Walkton spectator, which is easy enough to pair with suits, slacks, and jeans.) Enjoy them, sir, and post pictures in the wild!
Lovely and aggressive - What outfits do you have in mind for these beauties?
Awesome sweater, I have that one too. The toggles are unique, and make it come together nicely.
Hmmm, From a quick scan, they looked un-lasted and identical the unstained trees; on the bottom, the stamp indicates the size and "Made In England", no last type. Either way, I'm fine with the tree fit!
Hey Jonathan, the red-stained shoe trees are the standard non-lasted, just red. Fits the Westbury TG-73 just fine.
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