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Thank you Ttown. Now it's your turn to show off your duds (they'll complement the Gaziano and Girlings quite well )
Thanks for the FJ, @JIMB! Field jacket in brown plaid (I think?) linen, paired with this season's striped crewneck sweater peaking out...
"justonemore"?!? I think your name should be justsixmore Yeah, really bad humor, but it somehow fits Looking forward to unpacking and in-the-wild photos, sir!
Inspirational, sir! Ever consider mixing it up with different color shoelaces?
I can't get enough of my new G&G Walkton spectators with kudu! Thought I'd be daring here, hope the combo works...
You can now pair them with your charcoal suits!
Very nice, thanks for posting. I can look forward to growing old with my Lupos
Too true...
Thanks FLW. I say go for the Lupo. I have 10 myself
PM sent, looking forward to hearing back!
New Posts  All Forums: