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Or you could go the Burnham chelsea boot route
Nice - I'm guessing this jacket was from a previous season?
Hey Vice, I wasn't paying attention to the sleeves pre- and post-washing, pretty much only the torso. Again, I'm about a 34/35 generic sleeve length; when I stand with good posture, the sleeves hit the top of my hands; when slouching, my wrist bones. (I'm having iPhone/camera trouble right now, otherwise I'd post a pic.) As far as care, I do the following:Wash on gentle cycle, cold;Remove promptly;Give a very light stretch in the torso, mainly the underarms, for a...
Some Rothschild pics from a few months ago, to hold you over until you can get some more DG70 lovin'...
This navy jacket and olive overcoat - wow! Here's hoping Eidos Napoli will adapt these in the future! Thanks for the info on Mr. Cortina.
Good grief, is that Jean-Claude Van Damme?
Yup, last July when it was announced on this thread.
Haha, not if you pre-ordered last Summer, then enough for all who took the opportunity
50/40R in most Eidos tailoring - sure hope this is the case with NMWA
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