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Thanks for the confirmation, harki! My feet will be quite colorful in time for spring
Greetings! I noticed that the MTO Gaziano and Girling Walkton in Rosewood Kudu and Vintage Cherry is no longer on the website - are we a go for these? (Please say yes )
Understood, thanks!
Thanks for the pics of the Carmina chukka boots. I just ordered the same pair this past Monday from Skoaktiebolaget, before the price change. Looking forward to wearing these!
That's true, mw313! I've actually been using the word "beautiful" for ties since 2004, suits/sport jackets since 2006, fountain pens since 2007, etc. I guess it just took a bit of time for things to click in my brain vis-à-vis foot ware! And as with the other items, there's no going back!
Love the look! Question - are the Mitchells whole cut with perforations, or separate stitched parts?
My goodness, those Arrans are beautiful. You know, I never used the word "beautiful" to describe foot ware until I discovered Gaziano and Girling...
Wow, congrats, sir
Great news! One more lucky gentleman, let's do it!
Now you just need a tuxedo to go with those lovelies!
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