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Showing off a few new Eidos threads… Brown DB silk sport jacket (Bloomingdales), teal Lupo (Gentry's)… Just got back from the tailor's, hand-sewn buttonholes… And this gorgeous grey herringbone ulster (NMWA). I'm looking forward to winter
Voted for a few in the sport jackets and suits, but I have to admit, I really see myself in a merlot double breasted…
Incredible, congratulations! And those are fantastic photos, looking forward to some "in-the-wild" photos when you take them for a spin. I'm eagerly anticipating my Walktons with kudu from Skoak!
I'll jump in too, I'd be honored sir, if you picked me
Oh my, I'm imaging this oak kudu in Connaught MTOs...
Absolutely gorgeous, congratulations!
I would be interested in an Arran in Hatch or Kudu.Ummm, really reaching here, but I would go for a Connaught in Hatch or Highland grain...
Looks incredible, can't wait for my herringbone Ulster in an updated size to arrive. I had to return the original due to some sizing issues with 50R. Out of curiosity, what size is this Ulster? Thanks.
Thank you gentlemen
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