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Hmmm, From a quick scan, they looked un-lasted and identical the unstained trees; on the bottom, the stamp indicates the size and "Made In England", no last type. Either way, I'm fine with the tree fit!
Hey Jonathan, the red-stained shoe trees are the standard non-lasted, just red. Fits the Westbury TG-73 just fine.
Thank you sir. Your turn now...
My Gaziano and Girling Brexit purchase from the Saville Row store, ordered last Monday, arrived four days later... Guess what's peeking out of the box... Neus from the store even through in Saphir navy shoe cream! By the way, she's awesome - responsive and helpful. I think she mentioned she owns a Westbury pair, and provided advice on adding navy cream for deepening the dark burgundy shade. With those wonderful red stained shoe trees only from the store No time...
More like a price adjustment for the foreseeable future (on the American site, at least)...
Said it on the G&G thread, worth saying again here... dedd sxxxy...
Dear Lord, those are dedd sxxxy. Too bad / thank goodness they didn't come in E-width
Just a couple of pairs of G&Gs? I think you still need to post your Eidos w/ the shoes
Stay tuned, sir. I purchased a particular pair from the Brexit sale, and actually received another pair in June, still have to post that one too!
Thanks for posting the pictures, Ttown!
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