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I'll say the light blue and light brown "glen plaid" slim fit sport coats. Tenero styles?
Good to know Ttown, thanks. As an idea for a future G&G spectator (like maybe next year!), I'm considering using Pearl Grey as one of the colors. The DB Formosa is with the tailor now. Hopefully the G&G Walkton from Skoak will be here when I pick the suit up! I am very much looking forward to wearing that combination!
Gorgeous Pearl Greys, Ttown, those will go well with those Eidos suits! Are the shoes dark or mid grey? From your photos, they seem darker, almost a marbled black; on the Skoaktieboaget site, it's much ligher. Enjoy!
Hahaha, no need for any blame, Ttown, give yourself over to the call of the DB...
Approved for public usage
Hi Greg,For the incoming Eidos Napoli DB dinner jacket, will No Man Walks Alone be getting this one?Also, any chance that the three sport jackets you mentioned will be DB? Thanks!
Hey there beautiful, I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. And don't worry, my wife will love you too, she's not the jealous kind... Sartoria Formosa DB grey chalk stripe flannel, pre-tailored, with a "test" shirt, tie, handkerchief. I'd been eyeing this for a few months. With the current discounts and a good phone chat with Kyle (thanks @conceptual 4est), I dived in. I am totally looking forward to wearing this beauty (after some adjustments...
Great haul, and love the color and burnishing on the St. James! Congrats, sir.
Careful DeSense, some people here might take you up on your offer...
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