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And to the Burgundy Grenandine! These are pleasures to wear!
And now the Purple Clover grenadine tie...
Great, thanks!
Love mid-grey flannel - any idea who the creator of this is?
Similar thing happened with me last month with Bloomingdales - ordered the thin blue striped reverse knit sweater, got another sweater. Called customer service, the rep said they'd ship the correct version out. A few days later, I got the same incorrect sweater. Called Bloomies customer service again, got a refund this time, and sent a complaint email. Bloomies still hasn't corrected the sweater displayed on its website. C'est la vie.
For Lupos - Haymakers and Coachman Clothiers (have to call them - ask for Todd). And try Marc Etlin, they had Lupos earlier this season.
P.s. @Davidfin, any plans to restock this Purple Stripe Grenadine soon? Thanks!
First two David Fin ties, arrived yesterday (order placed on Sunday) - thank you for the excellent service! Had to pop on the the Copper Filolao today. The color is just right - not bright, a nice deep tone that complements a few types of blues... I'll post a photo of the Purple Clover when I wear it. The texture (and of course appearance & quality) on these beauties is amazing. These aren't the last. Umm... actually I just placed an order for another for the...
Genesees in mulberry, single leather with rubber bottoms pre-ordered!I'm also gonna give a shout-out to Justin, who took the time to address my very specific questions and concerns on sizing/fit for the upcoming jodhpurs, both via email and with a phone call to me, UK to US. Thank you sir!I'm super-psyched to wear these beauties soon, I now have something else to look forward to in October, besides Halloween
PM sent, thanks.
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