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RLBL - fits perfectly for me OTR. But, I have to wait for sales...
SNS Spark, purple?
Presents from myself to myself... an ascot, a silk scarf, a dress shirt with 'butcher' stripes, a long-sleave t-shirt.
Aero Leather Clothing Bootlegger jacket Buzz Rickson Navy Peacoat 1910's Model If I wasn't currently a student with no income stream, I'd add these to my menagerie ASAP. At least I have plans after my MBA...
Best - RLBL light gray suit, shawl collar cardigans from various makers, WvG maroon peacoat; Worst - can't think of anything; Caveat - there are still seven more days in 2009...
^^ Chapter 25 of "From Russia With Love". Second-best Bond book, second-best Bond movie, in my humble opinion. Never did the full Windsor knot, but after reading this book two-and-a-half years ago, I stopped tying half-Windsors. Ah yes, this thread is about the Tom Ford movie. Well, nothing to add here until I do more research...
^^ Washed mine, hung to dry, haven't noticed any shrinkage (I wear size M).
I've got this SNS Herning Stark in Large. I'm 5'11", suit size 38. It fits well in the chest and arms, but I find it way too long on me. I may try to have it shortened, not sure. Check the other thread on SNS fits.
1) RLBL light grey suit, two buttons, peak lapels; 2) Costume National charcoal suit, one button, peak lapels; 3) Our Legacy navy shawl collar cardigan; 4) Maison Martin Margiela 10 grey shawl collar cardigan; and 5) Dolce & Gabbana navy v-neck (THE sweater that begun my obsession with sweaters).
Used Sterlingwear peacoat (still had the sailor's name written on its label) from a thrift clothing store in Georgetown, Washington DC.
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