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I would be goin' crazy if I hadn't just bought a house Though (as we know), the Burnhams (Rioja hatch, wensum sole, TG-73) are calling my name loudly
Dedd Sxxxy, sir! Will love to see this (along with other patina'd G&Gs) in the wild!
Thank you as always for the advice, gentlemen. I agree with, appreciate, and empathize with your comments. This past year-and-a-half has been a bit of a journey also with finding the most "appropriate" shoe size for me (at least as far as oxfords and derbies). I also ended up with a few oversized G&Gs and Carminas, but thankfully thicker socks and tongue pads sufficiently mitigate foot "swimming" in the shoes. I *think* I have my optimal RTW/MTO size after trying on a...
Lawrence Covell also has some new Eidos up...
Thank you again, @MrVenneri! I only have oxford/derby experience with G&G, and before jumping into its most expensive "off-the-rack" model in MTO, input and experience like yours are very appreciated, sir Visions of Burnhams in Rioja Hatch and Wensum soles, on a TG-73 last invade my waking thoughts...
Thanks for this info here. Did you also size down on your Burnham Chelseas in comparison with your oxfords?
So, you got the Monday Blues (figuratively and literally), huh?
Hahaha, I was gonna post something to this affect about his lady friend, but I figured my fellow SF compatriots would more than make up for this
Thanks for posting the second real-life-photo here, nmoore82! This is the handsomest monk strap shoe I've seen. Too bad monk strap shoes hurt my feet (though I suppose very fortunate for my bank account!)...
Ah, understood. Thanks, sood!
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