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Gentlemen, thanks for the inspiration.Not sure when my wife and I will have our housewarming party for our new home, but when we do, I have my outfit chosen
At last! Awesome pairing!
Tailoring - Eidos and SF, please
Holy Macaroni! Incredible, sir! What are the plans for these beauties?
At your request, your quote from your post is removed.
Could you PM with your friend's info? Might be worth a look for 11Es...Thanks!
Deddd Sxxxy! Love that houndstooth. What's the pocket square there?
Understood, thanks
@NickPollica and/or anyone in the know - will any store be stocking the following dark color of the Donegal Rollneck? I see that Meyvn and Mr. Porter have the light grey version, but this one speaks to me more... Thanks!
Did Mr. Ambrosi pay you the 1000 euros?
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