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Wait a sec'... How many Burnhams do you own?
Lovely all-season spectators, sir! Wear them to work, you'll have interesting conversations
Congratulations on these, they're gorgeous!I'm jealous of you gentlemen who are able to wear monk straps without any foot pain. (Then again, my bank account is very happy...)
P.s. Also looking forward to my incoming pre-order Eidos NMWA Solaro suit!
I've seen this deal for several months on these DBs from Saks Off 5th; and @gdl203, you've finally inspired me to stop thinking about it, and go for it...
Love the Wensum soles myself, and I find them versatile and dressy enough for suits (on the appropriate type of G&G, of course). Ordered my incoming Burnhams with them, can't wait to wear these in the winter (and the spring, and the summer, and the autumn, and on and on ). I'm likely going to order future MTOs with Wensum soles...
Incredible, sir! Can that SF jacket button up comfortably with the cardigan under?
Good input, does not sound like the the button boots would hurt my feet, thanks!
Looking good as ever, Ttown. How do you like the fit and feel of the buttons? I'm sorely tempted to purchase a pair of button boots, but anything with buckles and buttons on the foot give me a bit of a pause (for example monk straps are painful for me). Trousers are great too - NMWA?
Congrats, those are gorgeous. I disagree on versatility - I could see those with charcoal suits, herringbone slacks, and lighter colored chinos Super stoked on my Rioja Hatch Grain Burnhams (hopefully arriving in January)!
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