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Color palette for this project looks ill though. I enjoy when Elliott dabbles in color. Interested to peep
Hey y'all! I'm searching everywhere for a sz Small pair of Escobar sweatpants in all black. Does anyone know where I can buy them???? Please let me know!
Yes thats pretty much exactly how the M sits on me. Might be a little dramatic to say "skin-tight" but they will be more snug to the calf than those you have pictured if you buy a S.
I'm literally the exact same height and weight. I initially feared that mediums would be too tight because I am a 31 waist, and M Escobars are supposedly 29. However, I stuck with the M and will they are great. However, I have been curious about they may be stretching out a tad and looking a tad more baggy than expected, but still a great fit. I say you can go either way depending on how tight to your lower leg you want the pants to be. Small's are gonna almost skin tight,...
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