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New Eidos drops on NMWA are up
Yoox is running some Extra % off promotions   These are a steal if you're a size 12.5 (buttero runs a little large)
These type of pants are very comfortable but fair warning they make hiding an erection very difficult 
CLEARDECKS for increased Patron Rate at Kafka   Not sure if it works if you aren't a patron
Jesus I'm fat
 Remember that shoulder width can affect these measurements a lot.  Also, 50 can be a US 38 or 40, depending upon who is making/measuring.  At 6'3" and 215 lbs, I'm a 52 in some cuts, 54 in others. 
 Thanks. I was gonna buy a Schott moto but I got 20 of these instead.
JW, what the purpose of having a contact at Bloomingdales?    They set stuff aside for you or something?
Good sale on Eidos @ Gentry, comes out to 60% off wide code "additional20" Got myself a shay overcoat
I tell this to myself every year.Then I find new things I "need."
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