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Busy day tomorrow - dinner with the chairman of the council (big company, about 50 executives will be there), and opera in the evening.   I've already decided on suit, shirt and shoes - navy suit, white shirt, black captoes.   I got several options with the tie, however - burgundy with navy dots, navy with red dots, sky blue with darker blue dots, and a purple on with darker-purple dots.   which one should I go with? I kinda like the look with the burgundy one, but...
Hey! sorry for the delay.   Here is the pic of how the pants fit (please excuse the crappy lighting)   The photo shows a bit of a pull across the hips, but it's due to the lighting - there is no pull whatsoever.   Hope it helps.
I;d go with York. I question the Havana fit itself when it comes to suits - it's a very casual suit, which in itself is useless, IMHO. If you want a suit that would be appropriate for most life accessions - job interview, CBD, weddings, etc., you better go with YORK. Havana is a great jacket/sportcoat option, but not as a suit. The shoulders in YORK are not THAT padded, anyway.  My advice - get YORK. Trust me, it'd be your go-to suit. The lowered button stance does wonders...
I have the Strand in black - it's a good shoe. Works nice in black. I, however, would recommend you first getting a classic cap toe oxford as your first black business shoe. The Naylor I would not buy, honestly - they are a derby (an open lacing shoe), so that would not work in black (since black is the most "formal" colour of the shoe, and the oxford (closed lacing) is the most formal type of shoe (except for the tux shoes - but that's a whole another topic)). Get Loake...
I'll try to take a pic tomorrow morning (approx 10 hours from now)
 Please do!
So to follow up my post #7144 (@ScottMC and @Turpentine - take notes!):   The overcoat http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/coats/navy-overcoat/J296.html?start=16&cgid=Coats   I am a bit disappointed in the overcoat. First, it's a little too thin for my taste (winters here are pretty rough, with temperatures hitting -20C regularly), so there's that. It's fixable though - a good tailor can fit an additional insulation layer on the inside of the coat. Second, and the biggest...
seriously. WTF is that. 
just took a flyer on the new "fishtail" trousers   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/trousers/grey-fishtail-trousers/B377.html?vpid=B37706   bought them and also bought this coat here   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/coats/navy-overcoat/J296.html?start=1&q=J29607   both in size (euro) 52 (I wear 102 in SS suits and jackets, previously worn 98).   will give a review on both items once they arrive. 
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