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I would also appreciate such a proxy to be "established". Would love to order something from the outlet. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=dhQQeLflOXo#t=116 I'm sorry I had to
Hey guys, I am looking for a briefcase to serve as a gift to my good friend who recently got a big promotion and now needs to me more presentable than ever.   He now holds a senior management position at one of the biggest companies in the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), which means he attends plenty of high-level meetings and meets the key clients of the company. Given his line of work, most of the time he requires for his laptop (MB Pro 15") to be with him at...
http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=8144&x=1   Have anyone had any experience with that model? Is it worth buying at the sale price? (You really can't beat 120 euros for a pair of Goodyear-welter calf shoes).   Or are these a better option? http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=2&shoeid=5125&x=1
So the summer has officially arrived in my part of the world, the temperature outside being 85F and pure sunshine, no clouds to see anywhere.   Given that I walk to my office (about 15-20 minutes walk), and I usually wear a suit or a trousers/odd jacket combo with a tie to work, is it OK to take off your jacket while outside, and carry it in over your arm?   It is too hot to walk with a jacket on in direct sunlight, no matter the fabric (I wore an unconstructed 100%...
Yes, the jacket is indeed a bit too tight. Need to get it re-altered. Plus while taking the pics I had my wallet and my cigs in the breast pockets, so that added to the pull.
cross post from the "Official Wedding Attire ... " thread. My gf's brother had his wedding today, and here is what I was wearing [[SPOILER]]
So I stuck with the glen plaid tie (Kent Wang), and my outfit was: [[SPOILER]]
I have a question about an appropriate tie for a wedding:   My friend had his wedding past Saturday, and I wore a grey glen-plaid tie with a white shirt and a navy suit. Today is my gf's brother wedding, and I am also wearing a navy suit and a white shirt - but different ones. I don't know how should I approach the tie - should I wear the same one I wore just 3 days ago? Or can I go with a classic navy jacquard tie? 
First post ever in the WAYWRN. Jacket - Suit Supply Havana 100% Linen Shirt - Charles Tyrwhitt  Tie - EG Capelli Grenadine Garza Fine Trousers - ???, Linen/Wool 50/50 Shoes - Meermin double monks   The trousers probably need to be shortened and tapered a bit, and the shirt collar points are too short. Opinions welcome.
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