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I second that. SAs here in Riga all wear suits at least 1 size smaller than they should, and naturally they advise the clients to purchase suits too tight and too short.
Does anyone have any experience with Loake Kempton in Brown Suede?   http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/products/2514.php   Is it any good? 
Wanted to share my experience with two trouser models from the new fall/winter collection.   First - the dark grey "Oak" fit.   Bought them in a local store here in Riga, in size 52 (I wear suits in 102 which is the tall version of 52). Very pleased with the fabric, the fit, and the style itself. The model does not have belt loops, and comes with suspender buttons and adjusters on the side. Said trousers have also become my first pair of pants to be worn with...
Are these overcoats warm at all? I mean, if it's like -15 outside, will they provide comfort?
First day of the 3-day conference.   Sorry for the crappy pic - I'll try to make a better one tomorrow
I'm afraid it won't be that simple. If I size up on Havana, the shoulders will not fit anymore. 
got to be a good one. subscribed. 
Hey guys!   Was wondering about SS odd jackets - what would you say is the "roomiest" model available?   I have 2 Havana jackets, and while I love them, they seem a bit tight, especially in the arms.   I also have several SS suits, of which my favorite is the York - its by far the most comfortable and provides enough room in the chest and arms.   Thanks 
Since it is the most popular TM Lewin – related thread on the Forum I could find, I have to share my recent experience with TM Lewin shirts.   This has to do only with the collar point length.   Couple of years ago, with my first order of TM Lewin shirts (fall of 2012), the “cutaway” collared shirts had an insert in them that read “6.0”, while the “extreme cutaway” collars were marked “5.0”.  Couple of weeks ago I’ve ordered more shirts – all in “cutaway” collars, and...
I really hope they put out more YORK options. IMHO this is their best affordable CBD option. A dark grey or dark blue 3p York would be the most awesome thing ever. 
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