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You're not wrong, but part of the reason I was drawn to WvG is a great fit.  It doesn't do me a whole lot of good if my casual popover fits as loose and long as your typical department store classic fit dress shirt.  There's a difference between "looser fit" and "I'm clearly wearing a shirt that a way larger person wouldn't fill." Edit: on second reading, I get that maybe you meant that if you bought a looser fit, it wouldn't matter if it tightened up a bit because it...
Did the length shrink?  I haven't worn or washed mine yet but them hem is 2" longer than a worn/washed cotton button down in the same size.
If anyone missed out on a Medium After-Dinner for the Blue Popover, I just cancelled mine for a Lavender!
Grabbed a pop-over and some sweat knickers since my girlfriend officially claimed my lounge pants. Were there no regular length lavender's or did local folks snag em all? Video was a nice description for the new products.  Helps to show people that you know what you're doing and talking about designing your clothes and selecting your fabrics.
Sounds awesome!  Is there a newsletter coming today?
It's likely, Mauro buys a big percent of his fabrics from Japan.
Pop-over looks great, but you gotta undo another button on such a casual shirt!
I have "decent" thighs too, about 24" with a 34" true waist.  Many many brands of pants, especially nice denim, are definitely to just-a-bit too slim. I wear Levi's 508 cut, Epaulet's Rivet Chino is pretty good if I size up and take the waist in a bit, their "Rudy" cut trousers are decent, if a little TOO full cut. Mauro's cut easily beats them all.  Seriously.  I have 34 Bloodlines and 34 Chinos, both fit me great.  Thighs aren't too slim, rise is higher than the Rivets,...
I had the same worry, but I went for it anyway.  The olive is definitely olive, much dustier in color than pics imply.  Closest to true color is the shot of the back pocket.
They're buttery soft.  I'll get some fit pics going once I hem mine up.
New Posts  All Forums: