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Malwear plz
I've tried checking them out 5+ times now. They're not there
Pretty bummed I wasn't able to snag a single pair of flannel trousers. I wear my "boggy marl" pair from last year all the time when it's under 70 out, I must've added a dozen different pairs of pants today to my cart only to had them sold out when I immediately clicked checkout afterwards.
You're not wrong, but part of the reason I was drawn to WvG is a great fit.  It doesn't do me a whole lot of good if my casual popover fits as loose and long as your typical department store classic fit dress shirt.  There's a difference between "looser fit" and "I'm clearly wearing a shirt that a way larger person wouldn't fill." Edit: on second reading, I get that maybe you meant that if you bought a looser fit, it wouldn't matter if it tightened up a bit because it...
Did the length shrink?  I haven't worn or washed mine yet but them hem is 2" longer than a worn/washed cotton button down in the same size.
If anyone missed out on a Medium After-Dinner for the Blue Popover, I just cancelled mine for a Lavender!
Grabbed a pop-over and some sweat knickers since my girlfriend officially claimed my lounge pants. Were there no regular length lavender's or did local folks snag em all? Video was a nice description for the new products.  Helps to show people that you know what you're doing and talking about designing your clothes and selecting your fabrics.
Sounds awesome!  Is there a newsletter coming today?
It's likely, Mauro buys a big percent of his fabrics from Japan.
Pop-over looks great, but you gotta undo another button on such a casual shirt!
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