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Super excited for these new items coming out, as always! After seeing those measurements, I'm definitely copping some chinos.
Dry cleaning huh? That's new to me why'd you decided to go that route?
That one looks like American Apparel
Mann awesome fades! They're everywhere, including the back of your calf! What do you usually do in these? I am also really liking the train tracks and contrast of the honeycombs, which some pairs sometime lose. r/rawdenim on reddit would love this if you posted there.  edit: Whiskers are also sick. These are the kind of fades everyone hopes for! Sweet job!
I emailed about a color change for my order about a week ago (cue shmoney dance) but nothing yet. I'll try again soon.
The most noticeable difference is in the lower leg. The PNS hugs that area much more, which I prefer. The rise is higher on the PNS and the upper thigh is ever so slightly larger as well, but that I think is a minute difference. I will try to find pictures to show you the difference between the cuts, they will be in the same size.
The PNS is more tight in the leg than the PS. The PNS i believe also had a tad bit more space in the thigh than the PS but I don't think it's really noticeable so the PNS pretty much ends up being slimmer. If you try both cuts in the same size (I have with size 29) you can tell. I'd agree with APC's statement.
Agreed, fit pic! But I emailed charly a couple of days ago about a color change for my order. Should I "bump" my email? If so how do I do that? Do I just send another email with the same message?
Thanks guys for answering it's reassuring
I think that the PNS actually has a heavy taper, definitely more so then the PS.
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