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I just grabbed one as well. I messed up on the overdyes. This is okay though because I'm now looking forward to the flannels!
Don't like to keep asking but anyone else have input on overdye oxford sizing?
Don't mean to be a bother but If I'm about 5'11 ~155, 38 chest what size BD overdye should I get? I'm thinking small? Also can't wait for the flannels!    Lastly it says the overdyes run larger than normal on one of the product pages so should I be sizing down?
No there wasn't a newsletter sent out today. The new sale items are on page 3. This is probably because they're still in the process of updating?
Is it a flannel shirt? It looks like thick like one and also jw what was the rewards member cost?
I agree with him, a 28 sounds like it'd fit you well with your build.
Dang if they were a 10 I'd be soooo tempted to pick them up
Idk I think he looks good in it. He seems to look confident and comfortable in it IMO.
That's what I did. I was a little under under the amount too so I added a little bit more money to cover both jackets. Since your order is already $870 I guess you could just split it but then you'd be over by $30.
I had a full leather order. I split it into a Toj0 and wool ma1 order and added a little money. I don't really think I'm going to be wearing the ma1 that much when I get it and was contemplating selling the spot. I'll be willing to sell my spot to you, I'd just want to ask charly first if its okay because it was one order that I split into two.  edit: still trying to decide whether or not to let it go though
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