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Lol for the heavyweight flannel mauro said there will be but one medium
Yeah, 15.5 is half his waist. His waist is 31".
Mauro said in a previous post that the underwear is sized like normal underwear and to just buy your regular size. Can't comment on the tightness though, maybe a tester could chime in. 
I'm 43 CP achilles and 44 margiela GAT.
mannn so excited for flannels, thermals, everything! Bring it on! Got to get my mula ready though! 
pics pics!
I have to try my hardest to get that medium!! Notwithit I think you'd be better off giving clothes than the membership for a general person. If they are super into clothes like we are and they check clothing forums and such it may be a good present.
Very very cool, great fit awesome all around!
If by heavyweight flannel you mean this:     Then holy cow! I would stay up all night to buy this shirt. If there's one shirt I've always wanted to buy but never had the chance, it's this one. I didn't know about WvG when it was first released. 
I just thought that last years was a bit large in the shoulders relative to the size. 
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