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Thanks guys I'm very pleased with my first ToJ! Hopefully more are on the way!
    So I picked up my wool MA1 this morning and here it is! I almost can't believe I have it. I think it fits really well. Also, it is incredibly soft and comfortable. The outside is super soft while the inside feels like a super soft pillow. I really have no gripes about it I can't wait to wear this thing all the time. I'm more than satisfied with it after being unsure about sizing etc.   Too bad summer is just around the corner but it should be cool enough to...
Yeah even I was skeptical at first, but what else could it be? I've gotten my daypack already and all I have left are my jackets. It is clearly a package from Korea according to the tracking and I've ordered nothing else form Korea except ToJs.
So I think USPS attempted to deliver my ToJ today and I completely overlooked the possibility until just now. I saw the slip for attempted delivery left on my table but payed no attention to it because I thought it was just my pair raw denim back from a repair. I then looked at the tracking for said denim and it is not scheduled to be delivered until 3/27. I thought maybe it wasn't updated yet, but this lead me to check the USPS slip. Long story short, after doubting it...
There will be no way to get Virgils in the states without proxy? Jw bc I've never bought a visvim piece before.
Ever since I knew they existed and I read up on kangaroo leather I've wanted a pair of kangaroo Virgils, wondering if they'd be released again. I guess time to save up!? They look so amazing in that picture. I've never bought anything from visvim before should I try to get them for less than retail or something?
There still seems to be quite a bit at tre-bien, opumo and end.
Really considering picking up these CPs. Thoughts?   
Great, thanks!
How do you guys return stuff? I'd like to make an exchange, should I just email mauro?
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