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Omg all this full leather talk is making me want to change my order .....AGAIN. I have enough money in for it, all I would have to do is ask for a change but ugh I just bothered charly. I need to stop chaning my mind or I'll never get one jacket at this rate. Distorb, how many times have you asked to change your order while waiting for one? I don't mean any offense, I just don't want to be bothersome. Even if I do decide full leather finally I'm worried about "pulling it...
Just a thought. I was looking through the gallery and noticed the daypack V1 had suede zip pulls but the V2 doesn't. Would there be a way to add that myself or something because I'm assuming the fundraiser daypack V2s will be the same way.
Daypack ordered! Shame Navy/Black didn't happen but black/black will be great anyway.
Haha that's a possibility. He might fall in love when he sees it.
If it was last June that means you'll likely get it soon. Maybe just sell it when you get it?
I don't mean to derail the thread but I have a quick question. Whenever i see a toj0 in a fit with someone around my build (5'10 ~155) they always have either stock 48 or 48 with 50 lengths. Right now I have 48 with 46 length on order. Should I change to stock 48 or keep the 46 lengths. I'm leaning towards stock 48? Any insight would be great. 
I agree with what you said about black and grey. Idk why I just want the navy lol but if it isn't being offered I don't mind getting the black one.
Yup I'm not expecting any of my jackets before 2015 lol
Wade do you mind me asking your height/weight? I'm getting a wool ma1 as well and I think I'm a 48 but not sure if I have to size differently than the ma1.
In black? I may just end up doing that as well.
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