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Hey @n5ek5 I think they fit really well and look really nice. How'd you size?  Really making me wish I could get another pair of denim rn. Your harlots will definitely stretch. I've worn my sz 29 plumas like twice and I already notice some stretching! Btw those are the premium old skool vans with the zip right? They look awesome. 
@nsubrmnn i dig the fit! I never got a chance to get the classic curve tees. Btw what shoes are you wearing and what bracelet do you have on?
Dark navy villain is looking real nice! But so is the oak. It would be nice for everyday casual wear. 
@srizvi722 Hoodie looks sweet is that a medium? I'm Considering getting the half zip in dark navy. Also are those the cp chelseas with the new colors? If so what color is that? Sweet outfit overall man.
Got my plumas in today an am super satisfied. I love the fit and also really like the wash! They also feel super nice. I'm very tempted to also get the harlots. I also wish I could get neros, or plain black like everyone has been saying!
Wow the white skittles look so nice! I've never had a pair of white jeans but I'm def tempted. But I already picked up plumes so I don't think I'll be getting another. Also really wish I could try the harlots I've been wanting ripped denim for a while
Will the oak kake hoodies be restocking or picked up by other retailers?
I'd also really like to see the curve u neck in more options and it'd be really cool if there were classic curve tees again
Just looked at this on grailed. I didn't even know someone had this made. I was considering a plain (no arm pocket) suede Ma1 but the one on grailed looks really cool as is. May consider getting one made!
What size do you wear in villains and escobars? We're similar ht and wt so I'm just wondering. Thanks
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