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@coldknife that ma1 is looking niiiiiiice! It fits really well and seems to drape very nicely. Also looks less poofy than others which I think is a good look. How's it holding up?
Huh you think so? How come? I've never really liked lanvins. I wasn't going to wear them with a suit/blazer, just thought it would work in an outfit where someone wanted to do so.
Biiiig fan of these new CPs Edit: Here's a nicer picture actually   The above is a stock photo which i think is a bit too bright. The bottom photo show the color more realistically imo. These are of course reminiscent of the lanvin captoes but I was never a fan of them. The achilles silhouette with this leather/suede combo is killer.    Edit2: Would reallllly like to get these and i think the $425 retail is somewhat borderline reasonable but I'll have to wait a...
 Are these petit new standard? Also does anyone know the inseam of the  sz 29 petit new standard? Last time i tried them, they seemed a bit short (~32.5). But recently I've seen people of my height ~5'11" with stacks on the sz 29 PNS. Any info would be appreciated.
Can we answer on the blog post as a comment to enter?
I'm also going back to school soon too, Fox. Though I'm not going back as early as you are, it would really be nice to have my daypack before school starts. It stinks you're going to have to go back without it. I've been using the same crappy bag for a while now and really need this "upgrade". Although if they're in production still, there's not much that can be done except to wait unfortunately. I guess the people working on them will finish when they finish. :/ At least...
Is this toj0 navy/black or just black/black? http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=18721&g2_serialNumber=3
Lol me too. I just go with what i think is most right. Hopefully it works or I'm doing it wrong
iamacyborg, fit pics of the toj0, please! Also, did you get black/black?
I really like the whiskey colors and I'd personally definitely go with one of the whiskey colors over brown.
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