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Nvm Dbear's got it 
Yup, suede body, calf bottom and top of the back where the straps are stitched in. I've used mine for about a week now and I really like it. It feels very solid and like it'll last a long time. Looks great too, much better in person than in pictures imo. 
The jacket is made of suiting wool. Foxhound you got an ma1? Didn't you just make a post about buying a ma1 spot? Look great btw. What size is it?
Yeah I thought that I might like lamb suede more for a jacket as well, but I've never handled the lamb suede and either would be really nice imo.  While that does look really nice, I'd say that the APC x Louis W suede jackets for SS'15 look better than this. There are some nice pictures on end.  This guy's customized baseball jacket from back in the day looks amazing and idk if I like this design or the stock design more.  
I thought I was the only one thinking this lol. I've always wanted the suede baseball jacket and handling the suede on the daypack just makes me want one so much more. 
Got my daypack today, my first toj product. The thing is so awesome and I can't wait to use it. Good thing my last semester of school starts tomorrow lol. As far as the product itself, it feels very sturdy and well made. I wouldn't say I'm one who knows a lot about quality of products and such, but you can tell the daypack is certainly high quality. I'm hoping it'll last me a long time, it definitely seems like it will. Very excited to finally have it and am looking...
Also got daypack tracking! 
Man it seems a good amount of people have gotten their daypacks. Still waiting for mine here, hopefully I get it soon. Niceshot your leather ma1 looks amazing! I also like the fit of the mdr justusss.
I hope I'm one of those 30 people who just didn't get tracking and my daypack just shows up!
Very cool hopefully more go out soon
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