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Anyone know where I might be able to get these richard pants in a 46? Was finally going to pull the trigger today but it got sold out :/   https://www.shopacrimony.com/collections/mens-bottoms/products/flecked-charcoal-richard-pant?variant=25374546115
Damnn man that nylon MA1 looks so nice! I was like ehh on the maroon color from prior pictures, but it looks really dope! Also really like how dark the wine leather is. Very cool pieces dude
Damnn stadium jacket looks dopeeee! 
Dang wish I could've picked up half zip mercer in oak!
Hey guys so I just got my first pair of raw black d02s in a size 29 and I think they fit well, but they are pretty loose in the waist. Should I exchange for 28 or keep them as is? I'm worried about excessive stretching in the future. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
cp boots looking good!
Float knit looks super dope in those pics def considering getting. Also, anyone know where a  charcoal fullzip might be in stock other than their website?
sorry i meant clarks desert boots lol 
Damn that is a dope fit man i really dig it. You wearing CDBs?
Damn that is a sick parka dude
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