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lool that video!
Damn that parka is super dope man! I really like the fit too
Excited for the pigtail mercer! I wanted to get them last time but didn't get a chance. @srizvi722 what's your height and weight if you don't mind? I'm trying to decide on sizing. Also @Mackp12 are those cp achilles you're wearing in your fit pics?
Gosh that down filled parka looks so cool!
Good to hear that I've been checking sites for geller ss 17 stock lol. Anyone know the price of the casper jacket?
What's 7 store? Will the typical geller stockists eventually get the casper? I really want to pick up the casper bomber but I wasn't around when pre-order were up. I also have been trying to decide between black and fuschia but I think I'm ultimately going to get black.
Anyone know where I might be able to get these richard pants in a 46? Was finally going to pull the trigger today but it got sold out :/
Damnn man that nylon MA1 looks so nice! I was like ehh on the maroon color from prior pictures, but it looks really dope! Also really like how dark the wine leather is. Very cool pieces dude
Damnn stadium jacket looks dopeeee! 
Dang wish I could've picked up half zip mercer in oak!
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