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Yeah I saw that, but for some reason I thought it was a policy for non-reward members? Anyone able to clarify?
Hey Mauro, I have a pair of enzo chinos that are too small for me that I'd like to exchange. I kept forgetting about it  so It's been a while, but I only tried them on once and they've been in the box ever since. Who should I email to arrange an exchange? Thanks.
Kerrick is that jacket med whiskey? It looks great!
FWIW, I'm a 10.5 like you in Nike and most likely other sneakers and I wear size 44 margiela GATS comfortably.
Should I buy a pair of sneakers from farfetch? They seem like the best deal right now with duties included. TBS is sold out of the sneaker in my size and other sites that have the sneaker seem to have a higher price. 
There is a grailed listing for a ToJ0 that was put up 9 hours ago and the guy said he recently received it. He's selling because it's too big for him now. Maybe a batch is coming soon? 
Someone recently received an Aug '13 MDR order. If things keep moving hopefully soon.
Hey guys so I was looking through my ToJ email chain because people thought it seemed odd that my order went out already. It turns out I sent payment for a full leather 12/16/13. I changed my order from a full leather to a wool ma1 and toj0 in april 2014 and changed the colors around for them 11/2014. This was essentially finalized when we were asked to email toj our orders 12/2014. So, I guess I was just part of the batch that went out. I feel like this batch of jackets...
Thanks guys I'm very pleased with my first ToJ! Hopefully more are on the way!
    So I picked up my wool MA1 this morning and here it is! I almost can't believe I have it. I think it fits really well. Also, it is incredibly soft and comfortable. The outside is super soft while the inside feels like a super soft pillow. I really have no gripes about it I can't wait to wear this thing all the time. I'm more than satisfied with it after being unsure about sizing etc.   Too bad summer is just around the corner but it should be cool enough to...
New Posts  All Forums: