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Holy cow the fit on that DR5 is exceptional. Jeeeez the first two pictures are ridiculous. I've always been iffy of the BCDR because of how they look open but dang I really like this one. Really excited to see what else is in the works.
I think I remember Charly saying there will be a more substantial winter varsity coming out soon? Just throwing it out there. 
What sole is on these boots?
I'm about a 10.5 on brannock, so from what I heard I should be a 10 or 9.5 in vibergs. @therealeeyore Wow those look great up close. That picture is tempting lol.
I want a pair of kudu service boots on the 2030 so bad. I was looking at getting the aged bark roughout from cultizm because it looks so similar to what I want, eyelets and all, but... it's not kudu lol. Hopefully there's a pair coming out soon or something.
yeah get a 41
Excited to see how this turns out. It should look great! @Joona Great pictures. Jacket looks awesome
Great picture, cyc.
Sweet, thanks guys. If I can't find a brown pair I'll pick up the dk brown from CSC. Btw, would I have to contact maas & stacks and ask if they have virgils in stock because I don't see them on their site. 
Trying to find a pair of kngr virgils atm. Anyone know of US stockists that may still have them or will receive them?
New Posts  All Forums: