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Is this toj0 navy/black or just black/black? http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=18721&g2_serialNumber=3
Lol me too. I just go with what i think is most right. Hopefully it works or I'm doing it wrong
iamacyborg, fit pics of the toj0, please! Also, did you get black/black?
I really like the whiskey colors and I'd personally definitely go with one of the whiskey colors over brown.
helluva first post 
Haha let me come too! We'll also go to Drew's restaurant! 
Really cool rotation imo. What are the all white hi tops?
Do you guys think a navy/black toj0 and leather ma1 would be redundant?
Hey magicalporks I just saw a picture of you in the gallery with a navy bcdr. How are the lapels down like that did you have to mold them like that or something? Bcdr in lamb was also on my list of possibilities but I sort of dismissed it BC I thought the lapels wouldn't stay down like yours do. Thoughts?
I actually agree with porks. While I still think a suede qdr would be cool, I think a suede channel quilted bcdr would be better.
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