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For sale is a very nice Canali jacket. Incredible soft and smooth leather. A joy to wear. Has some very nice already created patina. These jackets become better and better with the patina. Lightly worn but I need size 50.    € 450    Ask me for shipping quotes.   Size 48 EU. A classic that belongs in any self respecting wardrobe.               very minor wear inside sleeve but imo only adds some character.  
Stunning camel Pal Zileri Sartorial Blue label overcoat. The highest line with plenty of handwork 97 cashmere / 3% Vicuna for super super soft feel and warmth during the coming winter. Retails for over 4k Special sale now for only € 325 shipped worldwide! coat is very nice camel brown. Has a minor flaw on the top button what you don't see when you wear it with closed button.  PM me for questions Size EU 56 US 46.
When u read this ad you will have an above interest in handmade shoes who belong to the top of the line. Like Edward Green, Berluti, John Lobb and Santoni limited.   You are right, for sale here a very rare pair of Corhay Arcas. For many the ultimate in handmade footwear. It's also one of their iconic models. The Arca.   The Arca doenst need any explanation.and here is one for sale in a perfect tobacco/castor color in suede. Combine it with almost anything.   In...
Attolini pow/Turnbull & Asser/Viola milano
Maffeis/Canali kei/drakes
tnx bro!
Attending a wedding today Tie: Drakes Shirt: canali exclusiva Blazer: mtm bij Ettamadis with scabal fabric
Vintage watches from my grandpa i have now for few years after he passed. Daily beater Dress
Vintage watches from my grandpa
For sale NOW REDUCED 200€ INCL SHIPPING ww   Incredible sportscoat form Caruso, sartoria parma line. With Zegna Troffeo Cotton cashmere fabric   very soft and subtle sportscoat timeless in style.   Some features:   - light padding - patchpockets ! yes for perfect informal stylish look - Sartoria Parma line  - Horn buttons - Zegna Troffeo cotton cashmere fabric - double vents - 2 button - rolling revers     measurements:   IT 50 US 40 drop 7R   length...
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