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Nice one!
Shame no patchpockets. Looks a bit too formal for me with the flaps.
  Sunny day here. 
 absolutely right. a tailor #@$@ it up. I was thinking removing 1 or 2 pair to the rear end, need to let this do.
I have a great white jeans from borrelli to go with it too and a ice blue Maffeis shirt. More to come from me!
I see what u mean. but I have to tell u. Befor I had this blaxer I wore Corneliani Canali etc. This is my first real great brand blazer and I love that coral pin. I come from a city in Netherlands Europe where no one has ever heard Isaia so its not that I want to proclaim. But as the time passes I prolly remove it.
        Isaia sportscoat,  Tramarossa jeans Drakes pocket square Tramarossa jeans Maffeis shirt Santoni shoes.
Hi folks   Im F, 30 years old and I love suits and shirts. I developed a passion with my first Corneliani linea sartoria suit. Now im a few years later and I love Itaian brands.   right now Im on the level of Caruso and Isaia for suits, Maffeis, Finamore, Isaia and Santoni for shoes.   Id love to make the next step, Attollini, Mazzarelli, and Corthay.   Go inspiration from my dad, he is into Isaia and Fray. He evens has a Sciamat suit.   Im also a member of...
New Posts  All Forums: