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Sorry, that would be a help! Just looking for some casual shoes (alternatives to cons)/shirts/chinos.
Have you guys got any suggestions?
Sick of wearing them if I'm honest. Must have gone through about 8 pairs at this stage and they never last but stupidly I keep going back to them. Now I'm on the lookout for a much better alternative at a similar price. I came across Superga recently and they might be my best bet - what do you guys think?
  Ha, thanks! Yeah I wasn't totally keen on them but was looking for something other than another pair of cons. Plus the wet weather has never been favourable to them. Good alternative to cons?
Sick of wearing Converse and I came across these today for £50.  
Ah, found it. Thanks!
 Why can't I find this on their site?
That's pretty cool. Where could I find this?
Incorrectly posted this on the Classic Menswear forum but it's definitely meant to go in here!   First off, great site. Only working my way through some of the threads but seems like the place is packed with good info. I'm looking to basically clear out 95% of my wardrobe. Currently consists of jeans that look too big for me, t-shirts that have been well worn and are pretty boring and hoodies (my usual go-to item when I'm not bothered finding something better. And then...
Thanks Mariooo, I was supposed to post it there! I was looking at the WAYWT Discussion Thread and then went to create a new topic but somehow went to here instead. I'll post it over there as it's definitely more suited to that forum.
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