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Any specific insole insert or heel grip that's recommended? My boots fit well with double socks but that becomes uncomfortable quick.
Well if I do keep the bigger size what do you recommend I buy to prevent heel slippage?
 The main problem I have with the 8.5's when I walk and bend my foot the leather creases and digs into the top part of my toes whereas the 9's are so roomy it barely comes near hitting my feet, I have to try to wiggle my toes as much as I can just to hit the roof of the toe box. All in all the 8.5's fit me better if this problem will eventually stretch and go away and the 9's are just safe because they are really big, but I'm just concerned since pretty much 90% of...
  After wearing them for a couple hours I've gotten used to the 8.5's but my main concern is if this part of the boot eventually stretches out so it stops digging into the top of my toe's when I bend to walk. I uploaded a pic to show what I'm describing.
I ordered 2 pairs of Wolverine 1k Mile boots in size 9 and 8.5. I normally wear size 9.5 on vans and sneakers and I wear size 9 on other shoes such as chucks and Palladium Boots. I was recommended Costco Kirkland Merino Wool Hiking Socks and so I bought them and they are very comfortable so I plan on wearing them with my boots. If I wear thinner socks with either size I feel they are uncomfortable. That being said I have a problem with my Wolverine boots: Size 9 seems...
 Yeah, I read your post on the first couple 50 pages I think if I remember correctly. I was just asking now since that was a few years ago. Thanks for confirming though!
Hi, new here but I'm still having trouble deciding on a size for my 1k mile boots after trying them on in store and reading over 200 pages on this thread. My question is: Has anyone come to a conclusion on on the 1 full size vs 1/2 a size down on these boots? I'm wearing medium cushion socks and just ordered some hiking wool socks from Costco. I'm normally a size 9 in palladium boots and chucks and size 9.5 in vans/nike/ various athletic shoes.   I originally bought a...
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