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Merry Christmas everyone! 
Merry Christmas to all!! 
Thanks for this. . I always have items sent from other countries to the US. .Since you mentioned your friend's case, I'll be much careful next time. Also, thank you for your opinion on my recent post (half-canvassed). With that said, does Cornell make canvassed suits? Anyway, thanks Kevin.
I'd love to see a pic of the said shirt. 
That's what I heard from their thread as well. 
I'll probably have my next purchase sent directly to manila. By the way, MSB allows items from other countries sent to them in the US. I asked them before and they told me why not? 
Good luck on the shoes Crank! 
Cranktrooper, MSB already includes custom clearance in their shipping fee. I've been wanting to send packages direct to manila but I'm really scared that I might be charged an exorbitant rate. .    By the way, can I ask Cornell to make a half-canvassed jacket? They told me they only do fused but I've heard from this thread that they do make canvassed suits/jackets.     Any help/thoughts will be deeply appreciated  
Hi crank, I suggest you try My Shopping Box. It costs about $24 to ship shoes and they deliver it straight to your doorstep. Although, they charge a yearly subscription fee. . .If you buy a lot of stuff online, I think they're the most practical. 
Hi Crank Trooper, You could always buy online  
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