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The issue of GY vs hand welting is one I have been unable to reach a firm conclusion on. So I dedicated my time to a more manageable problem, and was able to determine that only  556 876 angels can dance on the head of a pin. Attempts to add a 556 877-th angel unavoidably lead to the fall, due to pride    
The soles remind me of those used in Grenson masterpiece shoes. I wonder if there is a direct connection of it is just coincidence    
Sorry for changing the topic but it is likely the people involved in this thread have relevant information regarding my query   I live in London and the only place I know that sells  Charvet shirts is Selfridges.   However they are quite expensive (almost £400) and they don't seem to go on sale.   What is the best way to acquire them at a more reasonable price? Maybe go to France during sale periods?   txs
Beautiful. Vass who?
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