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  Congrats !!,Mine first alden were the j crew make ups from last season , those round toe boots and well today i have 3 pairs of alden, there is no turning back.Once alden always alden!!!! 
Need some inputs from experienced guys here . I was looking at the Munson alden boot by end clothing And was slightly confused by the uk/us sizing chart. I always have the impression that sizing is us 10 . -1 gives us The uk size which is 9 ?.
    pardon for the bad picture , these are the Chromexcel work  boots from roden gray ,could not get mine hands on the roy boots and found these in roden gray, just downtown Vancouver and realized that i got to have them!! , currently looking at the af53 from alden of carmel. i heard that shell cordovan are sized slightly larger ?.
looking for a brand new pair or moderately new pair of ALDEN + CONTEXT ROY BOOT us 8 , price negotiable.
On offer is sadly mine recent purchases of both alden shoes that i wish to let go .   I got the alden modified last from the shoe mart through a third party , one shoe is darker than the other and because i did not purchase them directly i could not return them now,willing to let go at 275usd     The barrie last us 8.5 is also too big for me , and i have worn them 3 times to be exact , willing to let go at 300usd     Wolverines going at 120 .   All prices are...
  Nice work,but i prefer east van shoe , the female cobbler that does a really good job on mine wolverine and aldens as well.shes great!!  :)
Looks great .I kind of love the look of the round toe .I jus realise sizing seems to be a bit inconsistent betweenThe normal alden shoes and j crew make ups ?Both were us 8One in trubalanceThe natural chromexcel in the modified last from the shoe martThe boot from j crew felt half size smaller and is visibly shorter as well.Wonder what's the experience for fourmer with regards to this.So in the future I would have to buy a us7.5 on the trubalance if it's notFrom j crew ?...
 Well for me, the inner linning in the fore front of the boot have begun to fall apart, but comfort wise it seems the same,i alternate them with other 2 pair of boots and the only daily activities i had was a  1km walk to the train station and 1km back again when i return from school.At first i freaked out a little, now its like meh...ok theres a hole in the linning,boot seems to be fine,just wear it !!  
    Finally got mine Plain toe chromexcel from ups , The welt used by the make ups from j crew and the plain toes from alden of san Francisco is different , i prefer the styling of the j crew ones a little more. The j crews are a us8 and the natural cromexcel ones are a us8.5 , fu,I wear a wolverines us8 and the Chromexcel ones felt roughly around the same size, But the j crews us 8 are definitely smaller than the wolverines.Is there a tendency for the make ups...
Could anyone give a general opinion of sizing On the Barrie last ? Compared to wolverines 1k ? I had the round toe by j crew and us 8 fits tighter than the wolverines 1k I believed the j crews are on the trubalance last
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