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Could anyone give a general opinion of sizing On the Barrie last ? Compared to wolverines 1k ? I had the round toe by j crew and us 8 fits tighter than the wolverines 1k I believed the j crews are on the trubalance last
Same here  frooshat least you could return urs , after wearing mine new tans for a while i felt they were wide,although its an 8D , turns up the welt on one of mine tans were wider than mine rust us8Dnevertheless it was disappointing ,off loading the tans to a thrift store in Vancouver i guess.But i still love mine rust very much , never regretted buying it :\ ...............      
How does the alden fit Compare to the wolverines 1000 mile and iron rangers ? I am an8 in both ,after the wolverines maybe I would get mine selve a pair of alden The round toe ones look terrific ,actually all look terrific :0 !
Even if it's crome excelI felt mine tans upper are more waxyAnd soft compared to mine rust ...
yeah i have the cards Both are different , the card that came with the rust states horween leather , the other one that came with the tan says its aniline chromexcel ,are the 2 leather the same kind ? yes ok maybe the height differences are not that big but,the eyelets are on a different level, i obenaufed them ,probably would have a difficult time returning back to the store . :\   
I do like the fit of the wolverines a lot .That's why I have gotten the rust and the tan.prefer them over mine iron rangersAnd 2410? ,although I wished qc could be Better :/
    i have some weird number on mine new tan wolverines plus one boot is 1cm(roughly) taller than the other. The leather for the tan felt softer compared to mine rust when they were new,and the finish felt "different" maybe its just me.
Besides the hole in the linning inside mine wolverines. i have black spots on the leather that cant be buffed away,anyone experiencing this problem with their 1000mile ? 
Its the brownish raw patch at the end :/ ........surrounded by black leather lining that is still intact for now...
lol, i probably sound like a baby now, anw i love mine wolverines alot , i had chippewas , redwings as well but the wolverines fitted me the best  :/ .........
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