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Great shape Wolverine 1000 mile black size 12 D.  Haven't been treated or polished.  Not worn enough to need any treatment.   $200 plus shipping.
thats what i thought but couldn't take the pain.  put some thin inersoles in the 1K's and some a little thicker in the RW's. up until about 2 years ago i never had any problems.  maybe just getting old or sumptin?
put some insoles in my RW's and they've been sitting since the Thorogoods arrived.   Throgoods came with really comfortable insoles so did the Chippewa steel toed, water proof and insulated boots.  Both are American made too.  Unlike the 1K's and RW's these boots were comfortable out of the box.  Might be able to see where the $$ are going to be spent from now on.
four pair would last about 20 years. how long for you?
you're right but i think the right foot is usually the bigger one but this isn't 100% true.
thats really odd.  but stuff happens.
i've noticed this also.  what might be happening is manufacturers are compensating for the differences in foot sizes, right usually being a tad larger.  worked out here being the right foot is a little larger than the left.
have a pair of RW round toe and the right is noticeably wider/larger.  don't think its the boot as much as its the foot.
same problem here with the right boot.  emailed wolverine about another issue with these 1K's and they said to go back to where i bought them. hopefully i'll be able to wear them in the spring and summer if not they're a size 12 D, good shape.  anyone interested?  can send/post pics if needed.
good deal.  saw a post of a post and checked out the site and they had a similarly good deal on a pair of W i really wanted, a few months before.  didn't snag these suckers because other boots were purchased.  sometimes there are good deals out there, i didn't trust this one 100% because of the @$250 discount but would have taken the chance.  Pics?
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