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Looking at finally ordering a pair of Escobars. If I'm 5'9, 135ish lbs, and a true size 28, should I roll with an XS or S? I'm feeling like the XS might be better but I haven't seen any Canadian stockist stock XS's, and I might compromise on the S so I don't get hit by the exchange rate/duties. 
 You made a good call. I have the sweats and the blazer and love them both. The blazer especially has become a staple in my wardrobe, though I'm not sure how much wear I'll get outta it as the weather warms up. 
 I have the grunge parka in tan and it's been a staple since I picked it up back in Dec 2012. Besides having to resew a button, it's still in fantastic condition. It's always raining on the West Coast of Canada so I'm wearing it multiple times a week. Fit wise, it's a little long in the arms (I'm beginning to think maybe I just have short arms though), but other than that it fits nice and has the cinch waist. I'm 5'9 and wear a small.  
I've been complementing grabbing a pair of the Okayama Super Skinnies for the last couple weeks. I'm just unsure of sizes as I'm a true 28 waist. Blue Owl has the waist at 27.5 inches and I'm thinking that'd be perfect if it stretched out. This would be my first pair of unsanforized denim so I'm still a little unsure about stretch vs shrink. I'm currently rocking a pair of the LHT Super Skinnies in a 28 and feel like I should've went with a size 27 to account for...
 I've been thinking about the whole potential of gaining a bit of weight so I'm starting to drift to getting my order changed to a stock 46. I think I just need to sleep on it and stop fretting. I appreciate all the advice guys. On another note, it kind of sucks that this will probably end up my only TOJ purchase (unless I can find one second hand). I've always liked the MR. At least I got something in though!
 He suggested a 46 stock as well, but after telling him I measured a bunch of jackets and the ones that fit better were closer to the 44, and that most off the rack smalls are too big for me, he said just go for 44 with 46 lengths. I'm just having that paranoia that first timers seem to have and kicking myself wondering if I should have listened to Charly, as is often repeated. 
What's up everyone.   I've been a lurker for quite some time and figured I'd bite the bullet and join in. I'm a 23-year old West Coast Canadian kid, freshly back in school. Style wise, I'm in to I guess I'm in to a minimalist streetwear look right now. I'm trying to switch it up recently and put some of my non-sneaker shoes to use, such as my derbies, though. I seem to be wearing mostly Canadian brands nowadays; Naked & Famous (though I want to try a pair of APCs next),...
After hearing about how TOJ was closing up shop, I decided to finally stop sleeping and get in an order. I put in an order for the TOJ0 2013 in black/sand. I'm kind of paranoid about sizes and am now debating whether I should change my order and go up a size. I went for a size 44 with 46 lengths; I'm 5'9, 130lbs-ish with 16" shoulders and 33" chest. I did a whole bunch of Googling and digging in this thread to see if I could find other fits and measurements similar to...
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