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Natty CXL shortwing modified last maiden voyage
What about the chukkas make them a tough fit?
I think my biggest concern with the chukkas is fit given only two eyelets
I'm torn between chukka or longwing for my first foray into shell. Any opinions?
I would really like to stick with the 110 for the bison boot for fit purposes
I'm totally in if we use the 110 last. Anybody have anything to say about the durability and water resistance of Viberg's leather boondocker sole?
For what it's worth, I'm only interested in make ups in the 110 last. I have e-mailed back and forth about lasts with two folks at Viberg, and they believe the 110 is the best fit for me as I have both a very wide and high volume foot. Not much to go on, but they also told me the 2040 and 2045 are loosely based on a Munson last design, with the 2045 having the more upturned toe.
Any interest in a bison chukka?
I like 2040. And can we add a pull-on tab?
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