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A few more custom fit questions. I have a custom shirt made to my measurements from another manfacturer. I measured it, and based on that I think I would fit well in one of your XL shirts with the shoulder reduced by an inch, the sleeves reduced by 3.5 inches, and the length reduced by 2 inches. Would this be possible? Is two pockets possible?
@Epaulet How warm is the Dusty Saffron donegal? I'm hoping to find a warm climate year round fabric
I just wanted to confirm that Alden plaza last is in fact available in EEE width before I place my preorder. I was told by another Alden retailer that plaza last only goes up to single E width.
I believe I'm a large in these but thanks!
Any chance there's another kamigata in the works in a louder fabric like the dearly departed camo denim?
Is short-sleeve an option?
Guess I missed the boat in the EFF. Any chance that Japan Squiggle fabric makes a reappearance?
Natty CXL shortwing modified last maiden voyage
What about the chukkas make them a tough fit?
I think my biggest concern with the chukkas is fit given only two eyelets
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