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I'm looking for a shoe to wear with a smoking to a ball and came across the Loake Patent? Is this shoe made of full grain leather? I would assume not, just looking at the price. Also, the construction of cemented doesn't seem great. Are there any good Loake alternatives?
I want to buy a shirt in this fabric: http://luxire.com/products/alumo-white-twill-2-100   However, when I click on customize and buy no options appear to actually customize the order. I tried this with two different browsers. The other fabric I want to order did not have this problem.   How can I fix this or complete my order?
Thanks for the link. Unfortunately that fabric is more than I would like to spend. What alternatives are there from Luxire that you can recommend, if there is currently no cheaper white royal oxford?
Maybe I'm not very good at searching the Luxire website, but I didn't find any white royal oxfords in the collection.   I found this instead: http://custom.luxire.com/products/brisbane-moss-chambray-white and am wondering, whether it will fit my needs. I have the white fresco chambray, but don't have a swatch of the linked fabric. Can anyone comment on it?
Something like a wedding or other festive event, where a tux is excluded via dress code.
 Are these really suitable for formal wear? I associate twill and oxford with more casual occasions.
I am looking for a white non-see-through fabric for a shirt to be worn on formal occasions. I already have the lusterous fine white and the white fresco chambray, so I am looking for alternatives. What fabrics can you recommend?   I am also looking for a pale blue dress shirt for business wear. I have the pale blue popling 100s, which I don't like. I also have the  pale blue end-on-end and a couple of oxfords, but I want something finer than oxford. What can you recommend?
Is the Loake Hutchinson full grain or corrected grain leather?
What do you think about long-sleeve polos? Wearable or bad style?
Can the discount be applied with gift cards?
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