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[[SPOILER]] The La Spalla trousers fit very much like leggins. Unless you have very thin legs I would avoid it. I'd go for York or Sienna.
Lovely peacoat. I want one like that :)
Never owned a linen shirt, want to order my first one. Do you use the same collars you do for regular dress shirts? I have a long neck so I tend to have a high neck band and long tips. Can I use the same for linen or will it wrinkle too much and look sloppy?
So you can let out the entire thing, no reserve needed for sewing? 
My La Spalla trousers are so tight at the bottom of the leg that every time I get up from sitting I have to pull down the trousers. Is there enough excess fabric for them to be let out?
Was there any consensus on fixing the "diaper" problem with trousers? I was thinking to reduce the back rise, but am worried the whole seat will become too tight that way. Are there any other measurements to consider?
Thanks, Spandexter!   Btw, have the crotch problems with trousers been resolved? Looking to order a few more chinos based on previous order numbers. 
Could you provide some more deets on the collar, please? Is it based on one of the popular collars in this thread or completely custom?
What about a cream PS, would that work?
What PS would go well with a navy suit, white shirt and black grenadine tie (worn to a ball)? So far I only have a white linen PS, but would like to slowly expand my collection.
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