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Is the Loake Hutchinson full grain or corrected grain leather?
What do you think about long-sleeve polos? Wearable or bad style?
Can the discount be applied with gift cards?
What are the others?
I asked Tailor on Ten for a full canvas jacket. The girl on the line didn't even know what that meant. She got back to me after speaking to her manager and said they don't do full canvas and that all jackets are fused. I am surprised to read people getting canvassed jackets from ToT in this thread.
 A pair of trousers and a shirt.
What are the capacities looking like at the moment? I placed my order end of November and haven't received a shipping confirmation to date. Are others experiencing similar times?
It depends on the collar and fabric.   For Barba BD I get light unfused lining for both collar band and tips. For Broke and Bespoke BD I get medium unfused lining for collar band and light unfused lining for tips. For my own collar, which is similar to the 1738 collar (see the collar spreadsheet) I get medium fusing for the collar band and and the tips.   Personally, for non-BD collars I would usually get medium fusing for the collar band (maybe with an exception for...
I'm looking for a "one" white shirt for formal wear, french cuffs. Would the G&R white poplin qualify or would you recommend another fabric? Don't have the swatch, unfortunately.
Does anyone have pictures of the G&R Powder Blue and/or Pale Blue Oxford? I want to get another shirt roughly the same fabric color as the sky blue oxford, but not sure which one comes closer by looking at the pictures on the website. Don't have swatches unfortunately. 
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