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Would be nice if we could choose between the flat fee and risking customs. I've never been charged a penny for any of my orders to date and am quite disappointed; especially as there isn't any minimum order amount for free shipping anymore either.
[[SPOILER]] I've never played around with collars before, only used other peoples'. What would I specify? Just raise the front collar band by 1/2 inch? The back fits pretty well with my jackets.
Xpost from the Tailor thread.   Here's a picture of the 1738 collar in action. Fabric is sky blue twill, my favorite light blue shirt so far. What do you think about the collar w.r.t. my silhouette? I would imagine the collar could sit a little higher in the front. Since the collar is unfused, lightly lined and gravity tends to pull it down even further when I am wearing a tie. What do you think?  
Dear Tailors,   I've been experimenting with different collars and was wondering if I could get your opinion on this one and its effect on my silhouette. I would imagine the collar band could be raised another half inch, while the collar itself is OK the way it is. What do you think?  
 Not sure I understand. The 1738 collar is not an BD collar to my knowledge or did you get a hidden BD button?
The points are longer and it is not a wide spread afaik.
[[SPOILER]] What lining did you choose for the collar and are you wearing collar stays? I have a few shirts with the 1738 collar, but it tends to bend concavely and not roll as nicely as in your pic.
What about a forest green grenadine such as http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Forest-Green-Double-Warp-Fine-Weave.html. How versatile is this one? I think it would go well with a blue or navy suit, not so sure about mid-grey.
 8 of my 9 rotation shirts are Luxire, so basically bespoke fit with the amount of adjustments I've done throughout the iterations. I tend to have trouble finding fitting RTW shirts as the sleeves and body tend to be too short. I don't think I'll find anything comparable in terms of quality either for the price, so don't see any reason to deviate from Luxire at the moment. Next project will be to experiment with different collars and find the perfect one for me. Also want...
17 shirts total, only 9 of them in my regular rotation though. Quite a few of the other 8 I practically never wear, just haven't had the heart to get rid of them - yet. Still need quite a few more shirts to get by without constantly doing laundry.
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