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If it fits you with minimal tailoring needed, i think that the BB tux represents a great value, especially if you are like most Americans and rarely, if ever, attend black tie functions.     Let's be honest, construction is not a huge concern for a tuxedo that gets worn once or twice a year on average.
I have no experience with Budd's shirts, however the customer service they provided to me was exemplary.  They are one of the only places I could find that carry a black satin 3-button formal waistcoat: http://www.buddshirts.co.uk/black-satin-waistcoat.html   When I emailed them about measurements they responded extremely promptly with measurements including pictures of the measuring process so I could get an accurate idea of the size I need.  When I emailed them back...
I picked up a pair of AE Long Branch for ~$200 during an Amazon sale a couple of weeks ago, they are a dressy/casual boot with a rubber sole.
 I can only speak for myself but i'd consider Alden's premium over AE an acceptable cost for not doing business with Men's Wearhouse.
Even if Paul's claims about quality holds true, I couldn't see spending money at a company owned by Men's Wearhouse when there are so many other great shoe companies with products at roughly the same price point or just a little bit more.
Looks like there is a Samuelsohn trunk show at Channer's in Waterloo, Ontario today through the 27th.  http://samuelsohn.com/trunk_shows.php   If I were you I'd head down there and see what they can do for you.  Generally you get a 10-15% off their already pretty reasonable MTM prices at their trunk shows.  I had a very good experience with Samuelsohn's MTM and while the brand name isn't as glamourous as Zegna or Tom Ford you can take the $3k of your budget left and buy...
Victor's tumblr makes me feel inadequate in a sort of "Ok, time to stop fucking around and get serious" sort of way.  On both the fitness and career fronts.
Quick question, are these the Dark brown grain or the Brown waxy Long Branches?
How long does post verification for new members usually last? I've been waiting about 36 hours 
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