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I hang mine on a hook by a beltloop
Totally, they are these: https://www.blueowl.us/product/naked-and-famous-weird-guy-dirty-fade-145oz-indigo-selvedge/  The Gustin 35 slims are a little tighter through the thigh but I think there is enough room there for them to work.
 Actually looks like the 35 slims are pretty close to the 34 N&F weird guy dirty fades I have that fit great except the waist (way too big there).  I think I might be ok as the rise is similar (10.3" to 10.5")
I just backed Oxbloods in a 35 slim.  Question: The rise on the slim seems very low.  How is the comfort of the slim cut?
A small shop in Newport, RI has a decent Barbour stock, with some (Commander Jacket $584) on sale: http://www.royalmale.com/barbour-mens   I've been in there once, really good people there.
Look at all you guys actually getting shipments from gustin, I'm still waiting on the chore coat that funded in November to hit production :(
 Honestly these are all good questions.  I've been waiting on a dark oak chore coat for ~6 weeks now that has yet to go to production (my first Gustin order).  It's quality and cut will have to seriously blow away the competition for me to reinvest in a followup campaign.  I think I rolled the dice mainly just to see what the fuss is about. There is a good chance that the jacket is a complete waste of time and money for me (won't fit, cut won't look good, hate the color in...
 White's has leather laces for ~$3.25.  I use them on my Beckmans http://www.whitesboots.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29800
Has anyone seen the 9033 (Bourdeux Spitfire Beckman) in person? How is the redness?  In some pictures they look bright red, in others they seem more subdued and almost cordovan #8 colored.
 Good, but not great, troll, bro.  This thread has potential.
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