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Just got a camo field jacket in XL.  It seems well put together, the pattern is interesting, fabric is really tough, it fits my shoulders and chest but holy crap is it long and the waist flares out like no body's business.  I was expecting a much more aggressive fit, generally epaulet's tops fit me much slimmer.  If I re-bought this, I'd definitely size down from my normal epaulet size.  I'd rather have some tightness in the shoulders than this blouse-y fit around my waist.
The best socks are no socks imo
Gustin's slim fit denim has very similar proportions to N&F's weird guy.
Awesome, thanks, that  Awesome, thanks for checking!  The listed leg opening measurement really doesn't make sense
Do Epaulet's match short's leg openings really measure 7.5-8.5"?  That seems really, really small for shorts that end mid-thigh.  Not everyone skips every leg day 
I really like my 3sixteen shadow selvedge type-III (pic is not of me).  It is a modified version of a 'traditional' denim jacket though.  The tonal stitching does a good job of minimizing the 'trucker-ness' imo  
  Gotcha, looks like the 38s would be too big for me.  Thanks!
I've only ever gotten store credit.  I've never pushed for a refund though.
Has anyone gotten the Zimbabwe Loomstates from the stock store recently?  I've read that the latest batch sewed up a size small so i was kind of tempted to try out a 38 slim (normal size 34 slim) and a warm soak to shrink them down to my size.  Is that expecting too much shrinkage?
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