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Agreed, the dimensions of the order screen look all wonky now.  Well if our stuff is hitting production now that is good news!  Probably expect shipment early/mid January in that case right?  This is my first Gustin experience.
Interesting.  They are 25% off right now, and about a week ago were at 30% off.  Seems like a good value if you like the brown/black dress leather and cuban heel.  White's for a Red Wing price.
Same thing with my dark oak chore coat, it seems unlikely that these all went into prod simultaneously.
For that price point (actually a little less) I like the Chippewa Service boot instead of the Frye: http://www.amazon.com/Chippewa-1901M25-Mens-Service-Cordovan/dp/B00J04NP8G/ref=cts_sh_2_fbt   Unfortunately I don't think Amazon coupon codes typically work on Red Wing or Wolverine 1ks, but  it might be worth moving up into the $300 range and looking at Red Wing Beckmans/Iron Ranger or 1ks and just get the one pair leaving $200ish for a couple of pairs of Unbranded raw...
Fit pics?
In your situation I'd buy a 10 and a 10.5, returning the one that doesnt fit.
How do the semi dress white's compare with Nick's boots "Robert" boot in construction, materials, etc?
http://www.americantrench.com/shop/caps-and-hats/merino-watch-cap/  in ox-blood
Naked and Famous have gray denim: https://www.blueowl.us/product/naked-and-famous-weird-guy-13oz-arctic-selvedge-denim/
Have you looked at ashland leather?     http://www.ashlandleather.com/product-p/tonycxl.htm   They have that in shell too for a bit more money, no zippers though.
New Posts  All Forums: