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I am not as lucky, for example I have a pair of Oky standards that were supposed to ship in December that still haven't shipped. Really though it's more that their chinos/jeans/tshirts are a good value, until you factor in the 2-4 month lead time.
 This (plus the frequency of missing shipping dates) is why I only buy from Gustin's stock store.
Weren't the Hertling ends for friends items from 11/16 supposed to ship before Xmas?
 ahh makes sense, kinda.  Thanks!
Why is it called coyote rough out?  It's not actually coyote is it?  
I wish their in stock boots were a little more interesting, but I get it.  They use common, easily sourced leathers and a basic makeup which probably allows an assembly-line-like construction of stock boots and most likely that process/equipment can't be shifted to MTO boot construction without a lot of time and work (incurring both outright costs and opportunity costs).
 That's the natural CXL roughout, but they have a Kudu roughout as well.  From the stock photos they look almost identical, but there must be significant differences between those leathers right?>
I think I'm leaning towards the Kudu roughout now and away from the natural CXL roughout:   Does anyone have experience/pictures of Kudu roughout as it ages?
The natural rough out looks amazing.  Have you noticed any stretching? Is that the commando sole and unstructured toe? I'm definitely ordering that leather, I just need to figure out if I want the  8" upland.  Is it just me, or does it look like it's a little chunkier (and not just an 8" version of their regular boot last)?
3Sixteen is another US denim brand, their jeans fits dont work for me but the denim and construction are solid.  Also, their type III jacket is really nice
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