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 This is how I started out with raw denim as well, ordering N+F fits from Nordstroms and returning the ones that didnt work.  Unbranded is another brand worth trying out to start (Basically N+F at a lower cost with only one denim type).  BlueOwl.us has pretty accurate measurements for a wide variety of brands and cuts, you can compare with your Levi's to find comparable fits before buying as well.
 I did the opposite, a few XLs and a L.  I'm pretty athletically build so the XL BD fits my shoulders, chest and upper arms (barely) while being loose but not too loose around my waist. I dont really like skin tight tees but I hate tees that are way too loose around my waist, so hopefully the XLs have decent shape.  I wish the size charts worked.  Do you think these tees are similar in size to the Henleys?  That chart is working fine.  It's sort of moot at this point...
 Great, thank you!
Should I stick to XL in the Bamboo/sonora long sleeve tees if XL before Dinner shirts fit well?  Sorry, the size chart on the tees doesnt seem to be working (It goes to a shopify login).
 I funded the navy, even though Gustin has ignored my emails requesting shoulder to shoulder measurements :/
XL Before-Dinner generally fits me perfectly (I have 6 or 7 shirts in this size).  Picked up a Chambray #4, XL Before-Dinner and it is really, really dramatically bigger in every dimension.  I'll keep it for layering and hope it shrinks a bit in the wash, but is it supposed to be so big?
Does anyone have full measurements for the canvas city coat?  The fit guide only has chest and length measurements. I'd love to know how the shoulders measure.
I went down a full size, 12D on a Brannoc scale and an 11D Beckman fits well
I haven't noticed any stretching so far on mine(3 months). The Beckman Black Cherry leather seems like a fairly thick, stiff leather.  I can't say for certain yet but it doesn't seem like a leather that will stretch much.
Has any posted fit pics of the preppy lightweight twill trousers?  I'd love to see them in the wild, they seem like an excellent summer trouser
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