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I really like those, too bad they are impossible to find in 11.5-12
Wow, i love that.  It's a shame that it's so 'euro-sized' :(  Is the large really only 20" pit to pit?
I just picked those up from nordstroms, and they are definitely the 'tapered fit' 201s, very similar to Naked & Famous "Weird Guy".  These unbranded are a great value for raw denim imo.
If it fits you with minimal tailoring needed, i think that the BB tux represents a great value, especially if you are like most Americans and rarely, if ever, attend black tie functions.     Let's be honest, construction is not a huge concern for a tuxedo that gets worn once or twice a year on average.
I have no experience with Budd's shirts, however the customer service they provided to me was exemplary.  They are one of the only places I could find that carry a black satin 3-button formal waistcoat: http://www.buddshirts.co.uk/black-satin-waistcoat.html   When I emailed them about measurements they responded extremely promptly with measurements including pictures of the measuring process so I could get an accurate idea of the size I need.  When I emailed them back...
I picked up a pair of AE Long Branch for ~$200 during an Amazon sale a couple of weeks ago, they are a dressy/casual boot with a rubber sole.
 I can only speak for myself but i'd consider Alden's premium over AE an acceptable cost for not doing business with Men's Wearhouse.
Even if Paul's claims about quality holds true, I couldn't see spending money at a company owned by Men's Wearhouse when there are so many other great shoe companies with products at roughly the same price point or just a little bit more.
Looks like there is a Samuelsohn trunk show at Channer's in Waterloo, Ontario today through the 27th.  http://samuelsohn.com/trunk_shows.php   If I were you I'd head down there and see what they can do for you.  Generally you get a 10-15% off their already pretty reasonable MTM prices at their trunk shows.  I had a very good experience with Samuelsohn's MTM and while the brand name isn't as glamourous as Zegna or Tom Ford you can take the $3k of your budget left and buy...
Victor's tumblr makes me feel inadequate in a sort of "Ok, time to stop fucking around and get serious" sort of way.  On both the fitness and career fronts.
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