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Look at all you guys actually getting shipments from gustin, I'm still waiting on the chore coat that funded in November to hit production :(
 Honestly these are all good questions.  I've been waiting on a dark oak chore coat for ~6 weeks now that has yet to go to production (my first Gustin order).  It's quality and cut will have to seriously blow away the competition for me to reinvest in a followup campaign.  I think I rolled the dice mainly just to see what the fuss is about. There is a good chance that the jacket is a complete waste of time and money for me (won't fit, cut won't look good, hate the color in...
 White's has leather laces for ~$3.25.  I use them on my Beckmans http://www.whitesboots.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29800
Has anyone seen the 9033 (Bourdeux Spitfire Beckman) in person? How is the redness?  In some pictures they look bright red, in others they seem more subdued and almost cordovan #8 colored.
 Good, but not great, troll, bro.  This thread has potential.
Are they lined?
Agreed, the dimensions of the order screen look all wonky now.  Well if our stuff is hitting production now that is good news!  Probably expect shipment early/mid January in that case right?  This is my first Gustin experience.
Interesting.  They are 25% off right now, and about a week ago were at 30% off.  Seems like a good value if you like the brown/black dress leather and cuban heel.  White's for a Red Wing price.
Same thing with my dark oak chore coat, it seems unlikely that these all went into prod simultaneously.
For that price point (actually a little less) I like the Chippewa Service boot instead of the Frye: http://www.amazon.com/Chippewa-1901M25-Mens-Service-Cordovan/dp/B00J04NP8G/ref=cts_sh_2_fbt   Unfortunately I don't think Amazon coupon codes typically work on Red Wing or Wolverine 1ks, but  it might be worth moving up into the $300 range and looking at Red Wing Beckmans/Iron Ranger or 1ks and just get the one pair leaving $200ish for a couple of pairs of Unbranded raw...
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