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  In my experience everything is returnable for store credit.  I recall reading that the size tolerances were .5", so if you could present that to them you should be able to get a refund.  I'd recommend contacting Gustin directly, in my experience they are pretty accommodating.
Looks good!  I'm still happy I got the 3sixteen type3 shadow, but this jacket looks MUCH better than the contrast stitched one posted earlier imo
That would be the ideal, that Gustin could offer runs of really interesting leathers that could get people excited to wait 3+ months for a ~$350 boot.  Could they do that and match the quality of that price tier (Red Wing, I guess)? I dunno, seems like a tough ask. If the price is much higher than that not only are you in the Alden territory, you are in MTO from White's/Nick's territory and they have a really wide range of interesting leathers.
Lol.  I was more just commenting on how everytime Gustin releases something new, people start posting about how they are ripping someone better's designs off.  With sneakers, it was CP, with bags its Filson, and judging from the instagram comments, for boots the design copies Alden.     Personally, I don't care too much.  If they can nail down a good quality made in the USA boot for the 200-300 range it just gives consumers another midrange option.  That's only a good...
They just sent out a email about boots launching in August. 
 Obviously, they are a blatant rip off of Viberg!        Am I doing it right?
Those models look like they'd make incredibly uncomfortable furniture.  That must be why the standing guy is the only one smiling.
I referred to this reddit thread (as well as the white's thread here on styleforum)before placing my first order, it's a great resource imo: https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/2bz0yv/a_guide_to_ordering_custom_whites_or_nicks_boots/
I'd check out the PNW boot makers, namely White's Boots Semi-Dress (or Bounty Hunter) and Nick's Custom Boots (I've been eyeing the makeups here: http://www.vermilyeapelle.com/collections/all).  Also, I know you mentioned that you didnt like the 'bulky' look/feel of the Red Wing Beckman, but I feel like the Red Wing Harvester (https://www.railcarfinegoods.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RW2943) seems like it's slightly more streamlined (It could just be the extra height...
 Yikes, that looks like they slapped hand pockets on https://www.blueowl.us/product/naked-and-famous-left-hand-twill-denim-jacket/ and called it a day.  I'm really glad I went with the 3sixteen type 3!  Good to hear that Gustin is trying to make it right and re-doing the run with tonal stitching.  I have to say that G's customer service hasn't let me down yet (their patterned shirts are another story but oh well!).
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