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Hi All,I used to be an avid "sneaker head" and am selling what's remaining of my collection.All shoes have been stored in a humidity controlled room in ziploc bags and with silica packs.I understand this may not be the most appropriate forum to post but thought I'd offer them up to you guys!Shipping will be $20 CONUS via USPS Priority unless stated otherwise.Please see below and do not hesitate to PM with questions! My eBay name is MingK2002. Thanks for looking.Nike...
Just returned from Tokyo, it was a blast! Photos to come!
Thanks so much for the recommendation! I hear pasta is tinkered a lot with in Japan and am looking forward to trying some places that do. I will have to try this place out!Ishikawa booked for my last night in Tokyo as well!
Thanks so much! I will most definitely be stuffing my face most of the time. I figured I'd need breaks from eating and would get some recommendations for some light shopping If there are any food recommendations, please do not hesitate.
Thanks a lot! That is a very good point that you bring up about Narisawa, that it does not look like a unique Japanese experience!I booked a reservation with Yasuda.How is Ishikawa? Their reservation system looks a bit confusing and it looks like it could only be done by telephone.
Hi all! I'm visiting Tokyo in mid April for a week and was hoping for some shopping recommendations. I'm a big fan of denim, Flathead and RJB are my favorites. I know of "2nd" as a shop that carries many Japanese denim brands. Are there any others you would suggest. Also below is a list of brands that I like to wear on a daily basis. Thanks in advance and all recommendations are welcomed! - Flat Head - RJB - Bape - Supreme - Visvim - Uniqlo - are there any similar...
Thanks a lot! Will definitely do pocket WiFi.I'm hoping to book one nice/Michelin restaurant for lunch. Any recommendations on this front?I hear good things about Narisawa!
Hi All, I'm going to be traveling to Tokyo for the first time in April! I'll be there for ten days. I will be staying in Shibuya-ku. I'm a huge foodie and am super excited! Below are the line items of where I've researched/like to go but please feel free to add on! In terms of food, I listed the items I know of and am hoping for recommendations on the best spots to go for said food. I am an adventurous and will eat anything, so please do recommend any that I've...
Thanks guys! Went with the suit. With tie. Umbrella.Concert was great!
Happy Friday Gentlemen, I'm attending said concert tonight and am weighing dress options with the rainy weather in mind. I'm considering not wearing a suit only to risk getting drenched but do not want to be under dressed! In this day and age, I reckon it's okay to dress a bit casual to these things? My considerations: - White shirt, chinos, jacket - Suit, no tie - Suit, w/ tie Thanks in advance for the advice!
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