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Thanks guys! Went with the suit. With tie. Umbrella.Concert was great!
Happy Friday Gentlemen, I'm attending said concert tonight and am weighing dress options with the rainy weather in mind. I'm considering not wearing a suit only to risk getting drenched but do not want to be under dressed! In this day and age, I reckon it's okay to dress a bit casual to these things? My considerations: - White shirt, chinos, jacket - Suit, no tie - Suit, w/ tie Thanks in advance for the advice!
Hi All! I am selling my Fender Japan '62 Reissue Strats. I imported the guitars used from Japan, but have not played them much at all as I am more of an acoustic player. These are amazingly well-made instruments. It's about time they have a real home. Fender Japan ST62-TX Vintage White This model is installed with Texas Special pickups. The vintage white color is one of my favorites on a strat! It's mint. According to the serial number, it's from 2007-2010. Includes...
Price Drop!
The original!I neglected to mention the compulsory orange oil spritz and rim, although among this group of refined gentlemen & women, I thought it an unnecessary mention.
Manhattan - 1.5 Bulleit rye (Rittenhouse after a long day) - 0.5 Noilly Prat (Carpano Antica if I'm feeling lavish) - Bitter Truth
Wow! Thank you for the plug and letting me know - they are gorgeous instruments and sound just incredible.
Hi Friends, On offer are a couple of MINT Martins. Both priced to sell to fund another GAS purchase. 1) Martin 0-28 14-fret Deep Body Custom Shop In pristine, like new condition, with the lightest playwear. It is the perfect O-size guitar, with the round, complex mids everyone is looking for in a small body. Coupled with the deeper body and modern neck profile, this guitar is super easy to play and has great bass response. Specs: Top: Premium grade (5-6) Adirondack...
Thanks for the input guys! Savenor's vs. Whole Foods for prime beef ie bone-in ribeye? Who wins on quality and value?
I am heading to Toronto for the NY weekend and was hoping for some recommendations for must do's/eats!
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