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It occurred to me that people interested in the iron rangers might want to know what they look like before/after applying the Obenauf's oil followed by the protectant. Below is a picture of two (2) right boots. One untreated out of the box (left) and one with the Obenauf's leather oil & LP applied (right:)       The one on the right was treated with the Obenauf's leather oil and LP. Worn ~20-30 times, light wear.   The boot on the left is the new one, untreated...
I just got my first pair of iron rangers last month, I got the rough-and-tough copper color. I'm actually selling my 10Ds after wearing them ~30 times because they run just a bit large (something I'd have avoided if I'd read this thread completely first.) I wore my steel toe redwing work boots for a few years, loved them, but knew they just weren't quite nice enough to wear as "nice casual." The iron rangers are perfect for this.    I just got my 9.5's, I think they're...
Hello folks, I'm Luke. I found this forum while researching the Iron Ranger boots. Found a great thread on them, helped sell me on them. I love Redwing shoes, Ecco also. I like quality and good practical design. I was never into fashion until I realized one day some years back how dramatically my mood and sense of self-confidence were affected by the clothes I was wearing. Call me crazy. Perhaps I'm in good company? 
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