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Anyone have any experience yet with the Grey Silks stretching?  I'm still holding on to a 30 Straight and I love the jeans but not sure if there's any stretch in silk denim, I'm assuming they won't stretch as much as cotton.  Gustin will accept them as an exchange which is great but I haven't decided yet.  I've worn them about a few times at home but haven't seen any real give in the seat and thigh areas.
 Haha, no sorry, they are 30 straight.  I need a 31 ideally.  I might just put them up on ebay.  Haven't decided yet.  They're wearable but fit a bit like leggings on the upper block for my taste but they will stretch some more.
No, it's actually good weight.  Core muscle weight.  I'm training for spartan race in September.  This is where the 3 month lag time fails
Just got my grey silks yesterday.    These things look quite dressy and almost feel like sweatpants.  They are very comfortable.  They're awesome, but I'm afraid I should have sized up one.  I've gained weight.  Not sure what to do.  I'm not sure how they stretch compared to regular jeans.
 The color difference I've chalked up to be a sign that you actually have a real leather boot.  I have the same "issue" on my rust wolverines.  You'll get over it.  After you oil them it might even out a bit.  It's not an issue unless there's a big difference obviously where someone can look down at your shoes and notice, if that's the case it's a bit different.
You could go either way but the heat from your hands will help infuse the oil into the boot better.
Is there an easy way to tell if boots are factory seconds?  Are they marked ?   Also, anyone have suggestions on a pair of shoe trees?  Not sure if I should be buying shoe trees or boot trees for these.
Do you guys use shoe trees for your wolverines?  I just got a pair in rust.  I use them mostly in a dress manner, not likely to go hiking with them.
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