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What kind of stuff are you thinking you'd want? I feel like that sometimes, but then I draw a blank on what I'd actually want or need. I'm sure I have holes in my wardrobe, but I also have a lot of staples that I use for work that unusual things probably would not work for.
It came via a limited release email. Only some people got it. Only way to access the product page and buy any of them at this point in time is through that link in the email. Or so the email said.
I got the Loch short - definitely nice. I'm a fan :-) I'm assuming the jackets have not gone out though.   Honestly, I'd like to hear about the factories just because I'm intrigued - no other reason.  Jeez...I quoted you a lot, man. I'm looking forward to being surprised. My wallet may not be, but it will deal. Thanks for the updates.
I'd love to see something heavy but I wouldn't expect it. At least this year. Maybe something blanket lined?
@mikegnthensome - So the Submariner looks great, but it also looks to be the same material as this year's Maritime - basically, it appears to be the Maritime with a different placket and pockets. Is there any other difference or do they feel very similar in person?
I was only getting at the fact that non-MIA isn't a sin. I do feel that it is important to have more "in-house" manufacturing in the US, but we shouldn't consider non-MIA evil outright.
What's funny is that MIA shouldn't be the end-all-be-all. Fair trade with actual decent wage is what is important. They've said that they deal with a family owned/operated operation in Portugal and I think that should be good enough if they are truly fair. I think that if we ask TS to be fair then they will be. If they aren't already.
I'm not familiar with HY. Why do you get that feeling?
You may want to get the can version since you are supposed to melt and then brush that on for "Factory" effect. I mean, it might seep too far in and get a little waxy on the INSIDE too, but it would certainly look better than the bar first time around.
Anything that is a slim generally has similar "width" measurements to the size down but with the length of the indicated size. Slim M would fit like a Tall S basically.
New Posts  All Forums: