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I've got "Fulfilled 3/02", but no tracking or anything either.
Mine fits a little looser in the body, but jesus are the sleeves short. Significantly shorter than anything else from TS.
@summersteve - so I see the Barn Jacket up on huckberry... When do you think it will be heading to the people who pre-ordered? Also, any chance of some fabrics like this making returns? 
I go 40 M in everything including jackets. I don't have the Mechanics, but the Moto, Jacquard cross, Cherry blosom, Maritime, Yosemite...they all fit. Maritime and Yosemite are a bit tighter due to the fabric weight. Moto and Jacquard cross are probably loosest. Hyde probably fits me best overall. Obviously it just means I happen to be in some sort of sweet-spot dimensions-wise. Also, yea. Stupid cuff...would be fine if I didn't wear a watch, but it's still tight...
I'm a bit disappointed since last year's was very similar. Linen and blue or olive. @summersteve - odds of that corduroy workshirt ever showing up?
I do too. I was looking for something blanket lined...I was kinda hoping to see how that overcoat turned out. It's not something I normally wear so it might have been a cool change of pace. Still Or maybe later this month I guess...
I think G commented that it was the layer near where shell comes from - if you skimmed the description, you might just see shell instead. So definitely not shell, but definitely horsehide.
Woo, Telegraph! Looks friggin solid. Wife did comment "I think you have enough suits now..." though. Let's see how she feels after I put it on. ;-)
 They generally are good for returns/exchanges/etc when more than 0.5" out of spec. Regardless of how consistent they are, if they are out of spec, they will handle it. I mean, you might run into trouble if it's 0.55" or something or a weird position that's hard to measure accurately, but if you show them something is off by more than the tolerance, they'll pay for the return shipping and whatnot.
Most of my shirts are actually the tri-blends, but that's because I liked the look of them more. There's nothing inherently wrong with them. That said, all of the "heavyweight indigo" shirts are 100% cotton or organic cotton. G has not sold anything tri-blend as a "heavyweight" to my knowledge, certainly not something that's indigo. If the description says 100% cotton and they didn't notify you of a change, I'm pretty positive they will honor the return quickly....
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