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I don't believe they intend on re-releasing the #111s. They hinted it was a single run. I do believe there are going to be additional/other 23oz ones though...
Just got my replacement pair of the Twenty Six and they fit great! I am so excited to beat the hell out of them (and myself, apparently...).
To be fair, they aren't buying cotton from Zimbabwe. They are buying it from a Japanese mill that bought it from Zimbabwe. Like several other respected brands like Momo and IH. I know that's still not the point, but it is worth stating.
They get such bright fades though... Even my 2 month baby fades.
How successful has anyone been trying to hot-soak (maybe even in the dryer, gasp!) shrink any of their pairs? Other than the Loomies of course.   I had ordered a 35 Straight in my Okys and they came measuring a 36 striaght. They were exchanged down to 34 Straights, but still fit closer to just over 35 straights. The only reasons I say that are because they aren't snug and I'm a 35.75" waist and I measured them to just shy of 36". The Gustin guys are super helpful and all...
I suppose it might also depend on where you buy them since I know if you were to get say a $X off coupon to Urban Outfitters to bring their price to lower the BluOwl/TheUnbrandedBrand/anywhere else, you might still get the old fit. My UB201s were old size and my UB221s were new size so that was....a full inch difference? I know you can buy from places that list measurements or at least which sizing (old/new) their stock is, but UO had no clue that sizing changed a full...
I actually just went there to buy some 403s. They just so happened to have only size 7 and 12 and guess what which size I happen to be? It's destiny that my big feet shall finally be clad in these. But in all seriousness, these will be my first Aldens. Not my first good boot or shoe and certainly not my first CXL pair, but I'm still super excited. And now I can not feel weird contributing!
New Posts  All Forums: