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I really should have taken a picture - I wore the blue to a business meeting yesterday. I'll work on it (don't expect anything - I'm pretty lazy about fit pics...).
I've never had any issues - I have the first design (tan waxed canvas, leather strap). I don't stuff it to bursting, but I sometimes have to work to zip it up. G says it's carry-on sized, but I think it is technically borderline.
I forgot this past winter's edition had it. I was thinking of this one:
I mean, that would be the correct year for the Brown Birdseye, but I don't recall the lapel button hole....
I think they were going for Short Regular Long.
Hopefully it's terrible. I need to hold on to some cash periodically!
Finally tried my 2016 Spring Telegraph on. I dig it. Definitely a bit less casual feeling than the previous two releases. Fit great and was comfortable and much cooler feeling than the previous Spring's release. Probably not going to rock the looks from the Fall release though (white short-sleeve shirt and sneakers with the herringbone pants) and keep it as strictly suit-like.
It IS smaller, but unless you are wearing TS stuff "fitted", I'd imagine it would be fine. Mine is tight across the chest when my arms at at my sides (ie, not in riding position) and I asked TS who asked Golden Bear. GB said that's an expected way to fit INITIALLY. Worn every day, it should be perfect in a month. Not worn every day... a bit longer. Point is, that's what they tell the biker cops. I got mine in M and I wear M in every other TS shirt/jacket and none of them...
Honestly, I wore the previous "Spring" birdseye (wool/cotton, I believe) to an East Coast-July wedding that was outside. It was hot, humid, and sunny. The suit held it's own well enough. I'd say the wool/linen version will do much better and I look forward to rocking it this summer. As far as casualness... I mean, I did just say I wore it as a guest to a summer wedding. I've also worn it to work for customer meetings and been complimented on it.    They do that from time...
They offered to refund me the cost of having a tailor fix button snaps previously. A small shirt button would surprise me, but buttons on pants? No surprise. Probably just refunded a few bucks to the payment method.
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