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@taylorstitch - although I am not buying one of the moto boots, I really do appreciate the fact that you have half sizes above 12. Most places switch to full sizes at that point which really sucks when you need either a 12E or a 12.5D. So yea, next time you run a pair of boots, provided I haven't purchases a suit and leather jacket at about the same time... 
Mind hinting at how many the current 730% corresponds to? Not exact or anything - just give us an idea!
@taylorstitch - So be honest. How terrified stoked are you all that that moto jacket is currently sitting at 500% funded? 11 days left and I think it's left pretty much all other crowd-funded items in the dust. Granted, I don't know how many percent it is per jacket, but damn.
Well, it is still Wednesday for several hours at least. And a few more for Pacific Time.
Definitely a bit bigger. Nothing specific (can't find my tape...), but the sleeve is longer and a bit looser. Exactly the same as the contrast stitch size actually. Maybe there is some shrink to be expected...?
http://zboncak-llc6316.myshopify.com/collections/birdseye-telegraph-jacket/products/espresso-birdseye-telegraph-jacket seems to get you there. Some of the measurements aren't the same (sleeve length is from the shoulder on the spring, but center of the back for fall. or so it seams.)
I took a guess and went same as my previous telegraph even though that one was the stretch and this one seems to be half an inch tighter in the chest. I was able to do some googling and found the fit guide for the spring one, but it would have been so handy to not have to have done that.
Had IYea...embarrassed to say the same, but as I purchased a light grey suit recently, I'll be going charcoal over the ash (both seem pretty solid when it comes down to it).
Definitely a quick turnaround on those so far.
All that matters is the quality, in the end. If the quality and workmanship is there, then no matter how blatant of a "copy" it is, I'm for it. If the build sucks, then and only then, would I call it tasteless. From the images, I'd say it looks good - as have most of their products (I've got the CPO and the City Coat and like them). I have no real use for the briefcase though which is the only reason I haven't gotten it. Don't get me wrong, I really like when people...
New Posts  All Forums: