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What size is it tagged at? I had ordered a Medium, got an XL and oddly, it almost fits (like a medium-large). Perhaps the henley is a size off in general?
I never got a notice that the henley shipped - it just showed up. Sometimes I get emails and text messages; other times, I get nothing and no notice on my account page. I know it's just bugs in the new logistics setup, but I'd never know if it got lost in the mail or stolen from my front door (neither being TS' fault, but still no bueno).
Just got my Medium wool henley in and...it's tagged XL. I tried it on for kicks and although it's bordering too loose/ comfortably loose, it almost fits. Very odd.....I'll toss up measurements once I find my tape.
The Maritime Submariner looks all sorts of awesome. And has hand warmer pockets.
Can't compare to the Barbours, but I've got a first run Rover in Olive. It's surprisingly warm and definitely comfortable. I'm a M/40 in all TS tops/outwear and it fits pretty well. Obviously a bit looser than things like the Maritime Jacket/Vest, but appropriately so. I could probably layer one sweater or something underneath. I can't wait for Fall to break it out again. I could have sworn you mentioned they had side-entry back when the first round came out. I would have...
That snap on the back pocket is overkill for the stretchy fabric. I almost tore mine out as well. I was't sure if the snap was too strong or there was an actual problem, but I kept mine from ripping out (barely)
I really should have taken a picture - I wore the blue to a business meeting yesterday. I'll work on it (don't expect anything - I'm pretty lazy about fit pics...).
I've never had any issues - I have the first design (tan waxed canvas, leather strap). I don't stuff it to bursting, but I sometimes have to work to zip it up. G says it's carry-on sized, but I think it is technically borderline.
I forgot this past winter's edition had it. I was thinking of this one:
I mean, that would be the correct year for the Brown Birdseye, but I don't recall the lapel button hole....
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