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Definitely a quick turnaround on those so far.
All that matters is the quality, in the end. If the quality and workmanship is there, then no matter how blatant of a "copy" it is, I'm for it. If the build sucks, then and only then, would I call it tasteless. From the images, I'd say it looks good - as have most of their products (I've got the CPO and the City Coat and like them). I have no real use for the briefcase though which is the only reason I haven't gotten it. Don't get me wrong, I really like when people...
They did go up for some fabrics, but they also have some for under $80 yet. Just nothing in the current listings.
It tends to. Or they were alerted to additional available material (without altering the original schedule) and decided to add to the first order - meaning the second batch might go into production a lot faster.
It looks solid like that, just not as interesting as it would have looked tonally. I don't wanna sound like I was knocking it before.
You know...I'm not as happy with the BxB trucker as I thought. Contrast stitching makes it odd I think. It stops looking (as much as it should) like a cool/different fabric and more like a slightly darker standard trucker. Also, definitely bigger (shoulders seem right, but sleeves and body seem...big) than my waxed one. Haven't measured yet though.
Yea, that's the downside to Gustin. With Levi's, you can just keep trying on pairs in store. I don't worry about measuring normally...as long as they fit enough. Too big, and I'll measure. Too small...I might unless it's impossibly small. These...since they are STF....I was concerned.
Sadly, my Zimb Loomies came in an inch under (and 1.5 under "ideal"). They are still loose enough that I'm considering keeping them and just doing the soak on cold. But really, "expected shrink of 2-3 sizes" and I'm playing with 1....hmmm....decisions, decisions... I guess I'll see what G suggests when they get back to my email.   As a side note, of my way too many Gustin purchases, only a few ever came back as unwearably big/small. My Okyamas Standards and my first...
I have the white version - hands down, it's one of the top shirts I've gotten from them. It's awesome. I should have backed the chocolate the other day, but really trying to keep spending in check for a while.
Or at least something other than an iphone..my galaxy never fit.
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