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Yea... G has an unfortunate habit of not fully proofreading the descriptions. Fairly commonly, you'll see mistakes like that. I mean, the middle and end paragraphs tend to be copy-pastes for things in the same category and I don't blame them for missing things. It's only unfortunate when they miss errors with specific details - weight, patch style, stitching color, etc.
I think they even have product suggestions for lined vs unlined garments.
I've got a Stowa 1938 chrono (reasonably bulky) that the cherry blossom fits over. I mean, it barely fits over it, but it's not endangering the fabric/button. My Fitbit Surge is screwed (it's the rubber) though...
Isn't the CXL stuff really marked up comparatively? I mean, I know nothing of the sienna stuff or it's qualities, but I also know CXL is really hyped (I love the stuff and own way too much of it, don't get me wrong!). What don't you like about the sienna (and have we even seen any of it yet)?
I think a canvas shell of 6.5 with another 10 in the liner is reasonable - I also would have compared them with Barbour instead, but that's me. ANYWAY. Their maritime shirt jacks are always great, the maritime sweater is new (knits are new for them), most people love their project jackets which would be more comparable with the Gustin chore coats....Um....I love their Telegraph suits - great cut, comfortable....yea. I think their shirts are still probably the most commonly...
So out of curiosity, what ARE the measurements for the rise and inseam? I mean, the guide says measurements that I would expect to find. For example, I'm a 34 so an 11" rise isn't unusual and an inseam of 36" is pretty standard. If your measurements are off, I'm sure they would be helpful. TS has pretty solid cs in my opinion, but that's unfortunate that you seem to be having a bad time with it. Also, would you care to elaborate on the white threads? Were they just loose...
The first denim trucker. I think that was the first time I saw anything fail... There was a plaid shirt that failed too, I think. One of the other early G backers might remember better (or something earlier....that was maybe two-ish years ago?). Several other things have failed since then, but it's not common from what I've noticed. EDIT: Typo...
Ooooo....Fancy waxed workshop jacket on the instagram...Because I need to spend more.
Anyone have comments on the sea washed sweats? I was looking at them, but there isn't a size guide that I can find.
Still waiting as well. I'm pretty sure we're waiting until next week like the non-preorders (11/6?)
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