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So what's the sizing like on shorts/pants that are S/M/L/etc rather than number waists? (looking at those linen shorts but there's no size guide...)
Hey. Hey, @joshgustin. Hey. How about those sweatshirts? I think it's been a few months since I've bugged you... Putting some up in the next month or two would get them out to us by summer's end and be nice for evenings on the (east coast) beach....
 They generally do not say. If I recall, they worry another company may swoop down on a rare fabric while they are still crowd funding (which did happen to some crazy heavy stuff (like 28oz or something...). EDIT: Though, given the variety of stuff they get, I think it's safe to assume MULTIPLE mills.
I wanna say the gray silk and the twenty six both went much faster - I think an early run of the silks was gone in <5 minutes and similar for the 26s. I'd say the herringbone was there for a lot longer (over an hour or two).
@joshgustin - what's the plan for the thread on the BluexBlack trucker? Tonal?
Yea... I'm torn. I've already got my tan waxed one, but I also have said in the past I'd back the Cone version of this...(sick of Red IDs)
I actually just washed my pair of The Twenty Six after 6 months. They didn't smell (outside opinion agreed with me) and they didn't feel or look dirty. I think a good reason for that is that I have a desk job and didn't sweat much (if at all) in them (they were surprisingly airy and I didn't bike/do sports/etc in them). I also keep myself pretty clean hygiene-wise. I think it's been anecdotally (and sorta-scientifically) shown on RawrDenim that (provided you yourself stay...
The fade flannel shirt is pretty awesome. Almost fleece-like softness while still being light. Also, much more pastel than I expected.
 According to SC Johnson's website, it's more for visibility/aesthetics than anything (though they do use the phrase "and for a variety of reasons" so who knows what that means...). For some reason, I've got Dr Bronner's stuck in my head as an option...
My Fitbit Surge hates all outerwear which is annoying because it's a pedometer and you kinda wear those a lot (I got it for running/GPS tracking, but work pays into an HSA if I get so many steps a day). My Stowa 1938 and my Seiko 6139 are more tolerant given that they are more rounded and not rubberized, but neither are small so only the chore coat works (they both have issues with my A-2 jacket's elastic cuff). Even my Timex Weekender can't deal with the trucker. I think...
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