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So that tweet with the sweatshirt teaser. About friggin time! :-) I've been putting off picking up a solid old-school sweatshirt because I knew G would EVENTUALLY get theirs done. Let's hope I haven't built it up too much in my head!
So I just got an indigo Cherry Blossom shirt in the mail. This thing is fantastic. It's friggin weird, but it a totally awesome way. I've gotten...comments....about it all day. I think the pattern really messes with people. I'm really digging the weave and hope much the blossoms pop.
They might tweak the percentage to make it fund if it's close. Or maybe extend the time. Or (as happened with their first denim trucker) cancel the campaign (and your order) - they might wait a long time to try it again, or a few months. It just depends on what it is. 3 days and 81%....probably gonna make it.
TS has come out and said that it is entirely a rough idea of if they should/shouldn't make it and that it's not guaranteed either way if it's under 100% (though I'd imagine it's unlikely that something at, say, 90% would fail).
They had a ton of Italian fabrics over the past few months - I think it's just what they happen across/who is making what/how the market feels to them. Plus Italy just had that whole "we shut most things down for August" thing they do. I also feel like the Italian fabrics tend more towards Spring/Summer weight rather than Fall/Winter, but I am probably forgetting a bunch.
Definitely a fluke. I love them, but G is not the most consistent with delivery. I've had quite a bit show up weeks or months early, but just as many show up a month or so late. The thing to keep in mind is their business model revolves around a longer wait time and you should never expect things sooner. Go into knowing it will be a month at least (or 3 months depending) and be pleasantly surprised when it's early. I've never been mad at them for their delays mainly...
@joshgustin...   Non-button down button up. :-p   Pop-over.   HEAVY flannel workshirt.   .................sweatshirt. You can't be mad - I've waited at least two months since last asking.
It was pretty stellar looking and I certainly don't have enough black...
That lined waxed oxblood trucker sounds pretty awesome. I don't think I could do the color personally, but it makes me want some other non-normal denim version...maybe in a chore coat instead.
@taylorstitch - although I am not buying one of the moto boots, I really do appreciate the fact that you have half sizes above 12. Most places switch to full sizes at that point which really sucks when you need either a 12E or a 12.5D. So yea, next time you run a pair of boots, provided I haven't purchases a suit and leather jacket at about the same time... 
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