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I've got Trenches and Indys in the same size (12D) and find the Trenches to have the following characteristics compared to the Indys:slightly more heel room (which makes sense given the Trubalance last is a combo) feeling of less "vertical" room in the toe box (my toes press a little on the celastic reinforcement) even though the Indy is probably flatter and shorter are a tiny bit less wide, but that could be also because of the shape of the boot between the tip of the toe...
I actually just went there to buy some 403s. They just so happened to have only size 7 and 12 and guess what which size I happen to be? It's destiny that my big feet shall finally be clad in these. But in all seriousness, these will be my first Aldens. Not my first good boot or shoe and certainly not my first CXL pair, but I'm still super excited. And now I can not feel weird contributing!
George - how do you feel about those in Peanut?
I've talked my SO's ear off about how awesome my TOs and TBs are and how great OSB/George/Tony/Tim are to the point where she actually wants her own pair. I could have sworn I read that there were (or at least were going to be) some model's that were women's (penny loafer and i vaguely remember boat shoe...). Did I imagine that?
  Not the best pictures, but.....yea. Much darker brown than I was anticipating really. Very pleased, of course, but from everyone saying they were more of a tan/grey/olive-ish thing...you know.   12 D in these...certainly fit essentially the same as a 12 D in Indys. It's funny how much longer the toe seems on my Trail Oxfords compared to these (TOs fit a hair looser, but I didn't think sizing down would have been best with my instep. The laces on these are...
  Email sent. I'm sure that I am being overly paranoid about it, but I really do appreciate you guys looking. Thanks! Edit: Wonderfully quick response from Tony put me at ease. I really do appreciate such fast answers to what may be really simple/silly questions. Thanks!Also, my Trenches arrived. Tim email-sized me spot on. Barely snug, obscenely comfortable, and even more awesome looking than I thought from all these pictures.
quick question... i've had my trail oxfords for a few months ( bought them maybe in February) but have only worn them maybe a few dozen times. I recently took them on vacation and have been walking a lot in them since they are really comfortable and I noticed a scratch/crack in the leather right at the crease in the toe where my ball of my foot is. it's not deep but it is certaily past the top layer of smooth navy. due to its location, I was worried the leather had...
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