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They offered to refund me the cost of having a tailor fix button snaps previously. A small shirt button would surprise me, but buttons on pants? No surprise. Probably just refunded a few bucks to the payment method.
There almost always is SOME stock. Maybe not all the sizes, but usually a handful.
Just out of curiosity....are you tweeting/emailing them for a return rather than using their website's return manager? The only time I've ever had an issue with a return was during the holidays when they were swamped. Otherwise, it's as simple as clicking on "Return" on the item from your order in your Account page. They ask what was wrong and how you'd like to resolve it - I've never gotten an incorrect item, but I've gotten incorrectly tagged ones (Charcoal Telegraph...
I just tried as well. The chinos seem sold out too. EDIT: It seems as though nothing is sold out, but that there is simply no option to select a size for anything, including stock items. Perhaps a website issue... (Firefox and IE)
I thought the site said 5/23 last I looked (I'm curious too though). I know the last release was a bit delayed. I just got my Hyde that I ordered with the telegraph set and I'm getting really impatient.
Interesting Seavees. @mikegnthensome  - how do these fit? Normal Van's slip-on/Chucks sizing?
I was actually rocking my Charcoal HBone Telegraph when I went down there for a business meeting yesterday. Solid weather for it.
Hey, @mikegnthensome - just throwing this out there... Every week I show my wife the Women's drops (opted for only the Juniper dress so far which also happened to be the only one I liked for her anyway). She really is looking for some low-rise pants. I know high-rise is in right now, but I wanna toss one in for low for her. If you feel like passing that along, of course :-p
I've already said it, but I really love my TS+GB. Shame I got so little wear out of it so far - it's really breaking in nicely. Stupid weather being too nice out....where's my crappy "Pre-Spring" weather, eh? edit: Also, I feel like the TS jacket and the Gustin jacket have a decent number of differences. They both still have a fold-down collar, but the side pockets, chest pockets, and cuffs are definitely different enough for me to not compare them. I both like and dislike...
I actually picked that one up when it was pre-sale (putting it at $875 to start). I know the full cost is over $1k if they have any left, but still. I feel like for first runs, G should do a limited release at a lesser cost - make it know the price is promotional - to encourage people to give it a shot. Few people are up for backing an unknown like that even if they are familiar with the company's other products. It's still a big wad of cash to be considering no matter how...
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