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The Inverallan thread actually covers it pretty well...
Josh said they didn't like the initial round and were reworking them. That was...mid/late Fall, shortly before the CPO came out. If I remember correctly at least. I've been waiting on them as well.
Almost all of my stuff (except for my Beasts which broke some machines) was shipped during the correct month. I know there are plenty of people with the occasional delay and those with crazy delays (first run of chinos was really bad), but for the most part, I would like to think it's on par. The November/December/January stuff now was unusual. A lot of people have been asking about how normal this delay is lately. It's definitely not normal. G has sent out status emails...
Most people on here have experienced wait times all over the board. Right now, it's just really bad because they thought they could do more in the same time frame, but they (or the sew shop) couldn't handle it. For me, and I've bought  a lot through them, they average out to on time. I've had absurdly fast turnaround on some shirts a few pairs of jeans. The workshirts...definitely slower. Only their first "round" of them, so I can get that. Same with the CPO's which are...
And that $195 is still for the black or grey models - the brown/olive/oak ones were cheaper ($149) and the Military one was even less ($119).
I think all any of us can say is..maybe? The G team does it's best (as far as I'm aware haha) to get things out around that window that they quote. Right now, we have an excess of orders trying to be fulfilled too quickly - they even admitted they bit off more than they could chew. If you backed a bunch of things over the course of the year, some things would ship surprisingly quickly, some 2-3 times longer than expected and others right on the mark. I'd say except for a...
I've got the herringbone shirt from yesterday with a size button. Everything else....apparently is about to go into production. I don't like the weird offset of the button though. Visually, things look sloppy now with so many new-lines. And it seems empty with the "Date backed" info gone.
Oh, it definitely is fitted. I just meant the sleeves are short because of the wax causing the creases to shrink the length. In the body, it's fine.
I experience the same "issue". I think I would need to compare my waxed trucker to a waxed chore coat to be sure, but I think the wax just causes it to drape funny and sit higher due to the creases. The IxI chore coat definitely "feels" like it has longer sleeves even though it is technical almost an inch shorter in the sleeve. I've got long arms for my size so I'm actually surprised at how the chore coat fits so well compared the the trucker.
Doesn't it say its that Italian melton?
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