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  I don't get it, what was inappropriate? Not to worry, friend.  There is no need for you to apologise.  None at all!
ATTENTION, STyleforum Members:   This is what a bride looks like at an Indian wedding:   (Image courtesy of Bend it like Beckham)     Does this woman on the right look even remotely like an Indian bride?   Looks like Oprah playing dress-up with some cheap curtain material from Target!       Conclusion:  KStyle is LYING about being a cool, suave wedding photographer in a harness.  He is a dork who rounded up a few folks who were hanging out at a hotel lobby,...
  Can you please confirm.....that photo that tard posted....that's not an indian wedding, is it?   He was lying about that too!  I knew it!! I've watched Bend It Like Bekcham and Wedding Crashers and Lord knows i've tried  to sit through a couple of Bollywood flicks....Indian brides are in that bright red head cover skirt thing, aren't they?  With exposed midriff... I knew it!!  He's not a suave and sophisticated wedding photographer in a harness who parachutes into...
 Why are you "Liking" a post telling you to shut the fuck up!?!?!?    Not just a child, but a retarded child!!!You haven't got it....you owe me, and Jet, an apology.
 UUUUHHHHH!!!!   I have fewer posts than you!  Just because you have "Member" next to your name doesn't give you carte blanche to be rude toward me...Besides, what's rude about asking what your ethnicty was and complimenting your harness?!!??!   You are the rude one to not reply, not Jet or anyone else.
We in the Moogazi group are considering designing a few harnesses as part of the S/S 2014 collection.....London Tan Bridle leather or Crimson Cordovan leather.....with personalisations like initials, maybe glove leather lining...   The Moogazi harness would wipe the floor with that disgusting studded black leather thing the SnowmanXL X Pier Wu collection is planning...the Dominatrix model or whatever, complete with mouth gag....
New Posts  All Forums: