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I already have a pair of the bench grades, and they're fantastic, but they're getting a bit old, worn and smelly and I want to buy a new pair but don't want to get the exact same pair.
They're $149 + $30 shipping. So about $250 AUD.
Some one please convince me why I should/shouldn't buy these shoes.   https://www.weargustin.com/store/2480   Thanks
I recently bought a pointer brand chore coat from the mass drop sale that was on a few weeks back. I bought an XS because all the S were sold out, however it's a little too small. Does any one have a S that they find to big and are wanting to swap for my XS? It's brand new with original tags still attached.
That's not too bad I guess. Tuscan leather is awesome though, one of my favourites. Theres a ton of facebook fragrance groups that do regular splits. Aussie Fragrance NetworkFragrance MarketplaceFragrance DemocracyThe Fragrance Guru NationInternational Fragrance Split Association To name just a few. Then theres also the splitting forum on basenotes. You can also find users at all these places that sell decants of their own personal supply. Just like anything, do your...
 Why do I find that hard to believe?
Generally the going rate of TFPB is about $2-2.5 USD per ml. It just depends who you are buying it from, and whether they are doing it at cost price so they can split a bottle, or are making a profit. I ended up picking up a 20ml decant of it for $50 AUD + $7 shipping.http://www.luckyscent.com/shop/section/1/item/63511/brand/TOM_FORD_Private_Blend/Tobacco_Vanille.html
This is a much better deal, he charges $11USD to ship to Aus. It's almost closed too, only 50mls left of the TV. Also theres 45mls left to close of tobacco oud. I've put my name down for the tobacco oud, if you happen to live in Brisbane let me know and we could save on shipping. http://www.basenotes.net/threads/297293-TOM-FORD-SPLITS-125-%2850ml%29-US-CANADA-amp-PM-ME-FOR-WORLDWIDE
Is there any interest in organising an aussie fragrance split? I know a few of the guys here would be interested. i.e. foxy. The reddit aussie fragrance split has been inactive for like 25 days now. I sampled TF tobacco vanille the other day and instantly fell in love. It would be way cheaper to split a 250ml bottle than buying a 15ml decant from surrender to chance. 
Was any of the Australian SF members happen to be walking along Albert street between Elizabeth and Charlotte street in Brisbane this morning at about 9:30am. They were wearing suede double monks, an odd blazer and a tan filson 257?
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