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Would you be able to get a couple of close up shots, to show the grain etc? And how heavy/pliable does it feel to you?I'm stuck on whether I wanna order Calf or Goat right now.Cheers!
Is this lamb or calf?
Alden Roy Boot. Size 10D U.S. on the Trubalance last. Brown CXL Leather. Sold out and hard to come by. Retail was $585 + tax. In great shape, still tons of life left. Incredibly comfortable boot. Cared for with daily brushing and venetian shoe cream, shoes trees used after each wear. Shoe trees not included. From Context: The Roy Boot was an early collaboration between Context and Alden that continues to please those looking for an exceptionally versatile boot that...
Thanks, very pleased with them! I was actually looking for some Black Shell Cordovan and by chance came across these with the natural welt, which I think I much prefer.
Just picked these up- Chukka in Black Calf, Barrie Last. I'm in between a 10.5 and 11 on the Brannock, I wasn't sure if I should go for 10.5 or 10 on Barrie... These are 10 and feel a tad snug, but not uncomfortably so, and I'm hoping they'll break in to be perfect!
Bee-jay for a tee-oh-jay.
Were these sold?Thanks
I'd be up for hearing some new music!
Looking for a Black 3 zip config MDR with silver or gunmetal zips, size 48. Calf only.
I know you're joking/winding people up, but part of me is filled with joy at the thought of your friends laughing at you and referring to it as 'that Chinese jacket'
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