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Whenever I wear a DR I feel it bulks you out more than say a Moto. Not sure if it's the cut, hardware or what. Maybe that's why he said it's best for beanpoles?
I talked to Ribkin about his jackets. He said he is 6'1 and got 22 lengths. I think they look best when they fall just at the top of the belt line personally.
I would have sized up on the MA-1 personally, but both leathers are exactly how I'd want mine to fit. So good.If you wouldn't mind, what is your height, and what do the lengths of each leather measure?Thanks
Absolutely amazing. I've had so far 21 transactions on it, as both Buyer and Seller. I had one problem as a Buyer which was sorted out by Paypal within 5 days. There are no seller fees and Grailed now even pay for your Paypal fees when you sell (they charge $0.01 from your transaction and then they can pay the 4% fees)Get stuck in. It's infinitely better then eBay.
Picking up a NWT Tan Medium Duffle for $200 this week. Very excited! Gonna use it as check in luggage and have my Otter Green Travel Bag as carry on.
Most frequent out of any of the jackets. What size were you looking for?
@ jsd642, sleeves are indeed a bit short, but I think a leather jacket is something you can pull that off with. Beautiful colour!
Would 21.5 front length be way too short for someone at 6'1?
[/quote]Looks great! I think I bought a Black Lamb MDR off of the same buyer (if you bought it from SF that is. I remember he was selling this as well.) What's your height and weight? I think they were both similar measurements
Selling a Brown Lamb A-2, close to a stock 48. With fur collar, placket and suede patch.
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