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Yes, but they're pretty shallow.
Whatever Charly recommended will be spot on
Nice jacket! Did you go TTS on this? Is it fairly snug when zipped?
Ah, good point. Well I think I can live with the extra length.
Yeah might look into it. I imagine the tailor could only take off length up until the start of the zip? I have little knowledge of these things.
Definitely agree, ideally I'd have it an inch shorter. I'm quite tall so I'm hoping it won't look too bad.
I know it's douchey but I love a popped collar on these jackets to be honest.
Brb fit pic on new underwear incoming.
I was actually chubby and Asian 2 weeks ago, good thing SF helped me out with life advice.
Just arrived from another user on here, thought I may as well post a few fit pics. Sorry for the godawful split mirror pics. Black Lamb MDR with gunmetal zips. Pretty happy with the fit considering it's second hand, slightly longer in the body than I would have originally went for, but putting it on I actually like it a lot. This is the fifth TOJ I've got second hand, and the only one that's worked out size wise and how it suits me. Nice to finally get one I feel right...
New Posts  All Forums: