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Bee-jay for a tee-oh-jay.
Were these sold?Thanks
I'd be up for hearing some new music!
Looking for a Black 3 zip config MDR with silver or gunmetal zips, size 48. Calf only.
I know you're joking/winding people up, but part of me is filled with joy at the thought of your friends laughing at you and referring to it as 'that Chinese jacket'
They have crazy good resell value so you're good either way.
Looking into ordering a Lewis Leathers, was given an estimate of a 6 month wait. Would have thought that was insane before finding this thread.
Been looking for this in calf, but think it may be too short : (What's your height if you don't mind?
Do you happen to own a Lewis yourself? I'm thinking of getting one, but there's not a whole lot of non-stock detailed photos/reviews out there.
Thinking of selling my MDR. Black Lamb, gunmetal zippers 3 zip config. My measurements (not 100% accurate but very close): Shoulders (measured across from the back of jacket): 17.5'' Pit-to-pit: 20'' Back length: 26'' Front length: 23'' (I just measured the length of the front zipper) Sleeve length: 26'' Waist: 18.5'' Mid section: 18'' Sleeve cuff: 4.5'' Elbow: 6.5'' PM if interested. I'm thinking of buy a Schott 613 or a Schott PER2, would need most likely a Small in...
New Posts  All Forums: