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Where abouts are you located in the States? Thanks.
Excuse my ignorance, but what's the difference between the MA-1 and the MA-1 AE Version?
I like when it hits at the top of the belt.
What boots are those?
Fit pic?
I see people talking about how thick the ToJ calf is. Are they comparing to the lamb, or to other brands of calf leather jackets? Does anyone own a ToJ calf and then also a Schott, Vanson, Lewis etc they can compare to?
Interested in a Suiting Wool Bomber, Black size 50.
I think the thinness was one guy who ordered it shaved down?I think the leather MA1 is one of the best jackets TOJ offer, I'd stick with that.I'm sure you've already considered this, but going brown for the Lamb A2? If you've already got the Black MDR and might be getting a Black MA1, could be a good way to cover all bases?
Looking for two Schott jackets.  The 654 in Black, size Small. And the 626VN in Black, size Medium. If anyone's got either, PM me. Will consider any condition. Thanks.
This thread feels like an episode of CSI.
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