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I think that they are ok, but the brighter will be looked better, maybe some camel colour?
Hey, I need your help again. What colour of tie shoul I wear to grey shirt? It will be good to have dark navy suit?
Originally Posted by buchoelbrusco  Ok thanks and what if I wear the same red tone bow tie?   This can be a good option if you plan to take jacket off.
I agree with you on the black shoes. They are considered to be universal and often do not fit on a given occasion and on a daily basis. Let's leave it at weddings and funerals.
I need your help. I do not want to seem stupid  but when i go to visit clients and i wish to look good comfortable but elegance, is only jacket or sweater also comes into play? What are you thinking about colour sweaters?
looks great with this blue laces. The black one looks so typical and not interesting. Why black shoes are the epitome of elegance?
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