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need to find these.
Thank you very much for all your advice guys! I am going to try to take each of your suggestions and try them out myself. I'm really trying to improve the cohesiveness of my fits, so I really do appreciate all of your advice!   As far as the pants go, I can see where everyone is coming from as far as slimness. I'm typically partial to slimmer pants (especially in the thigh), but in the interest of trying something new (and needing a pair of olive pants), I am going to...
What color/type shoes would you suggest? Also, the pants look a little saturated in the pic due to bad lighting.
Just got my first EG piece. Thoughts/Comments appreciated!   Uniqlo button down SS13 EG Bedford Khaki Pique Outlier Nyco Slims Wolverine 1K miles
Really want one of these. Let me know how much you want for it. Thanks!
measurements? also, do you know the name of the color? Thanks!
Are they true to the measurements? 18" seems a little big for s2s on a small.
Looking to purchase some Outlier Nyco slims in Olive size 29. I am desperately searching for these, because I am so in love with my navy pair. Please let me know how much you want for them. Thanks!
You're probably right, but why would they all of a sudden add an entire 1" to the thigh? Kind of odd and a pretty big change to the fit considering that's adding 2" to the entire thigh...
It sort of alarms me that the measurements differ so greatly from those on Unionmade's site... Now, I have no idea how these are going to fit. The size 30 says it has a thigh of 11" on Unionmade and that seems to be the general consensus, yet Unis says it's 12"? That's a pretty dam big difference if you ask me... What do?  
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