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 Thank you very much FredAstaire!
   Chaps, I think the guy in the middle puts the other two to shame! Lovely to meet up with Robin and Patrick, we had a lovely day! Foster & Son
Michael Ay329,   We aren't having shoes made for us by EG at the moment though we do have three or four pairs left. Please PM me your size and I'll tell you what we have. There are other options for fading which I'd be happy to take you through.   Foster & Son
 Sprout2, It is the photography I think, we wanted to get some pictures out as quickly as possible hence the foreshortening. We'll take some better ones and post.  daizawaguy, They're E widths and I think the problem is to do with the photographs, we'll post some better ones.  NickCarraway, How about we post pictures of all sizes together, like a weird group shot when we get the first order through?  REguy, We'll have a look at it, interesting idea. Foster & Son
 NickCarraway, We've now asked for this to be done. Many thanks for the heads up. Foster & Son
 Chowkin, unfortunately not as a standard model, sorry! We can make them as a special order if you PM me I will get you some pricing. Foster & Son
 culverwood, Very interesting indeed! The shoes second from right are going back to be re-made as we speak, they need to more closely resemble the bespoke sample that we based them on. Foster & Son
 ammanati, Many thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Foster & Son
 ammanati, They're not actually, they're from our City line and will be very affordable. I can't give you prices yet as the shoes are still being developed but expect them to be £400 or less. Please bear in mind that they're on our new lasts too. Foster & Son
 VRaivio, We do indeed and will continue to do so with our new models. Foster & Son
New Posts  All Forums: