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Wes Bourne, Interesting, I'll ask. Foster & Son
 NickCarraway, We are hoping to produce another model of these spectators which will be the 'replica' model. I will ask though about the broguing holes for this one. Foster & Son
 VRaivio, Very, very good question. If someone wants a pair of rtw shoes and can find the right style at the right price then there is no reason not to buy from any of the Northampton manufacturers - assuming that members here are familiar with the standards that each are made to. We work with a number of the Northampton makers to produce the Foster & Son city shoes and the Henry Maxwell country collection, and have been commissioning a number of new designs that we think...
 FredAstaire1899, I don't currently know what the next iteration will look like in terms of design brief but will definitely pass your feedback on as a request.  Foster & Son
 wurger, they're all on our new lasts. We're looking to refine the models over the next few weeks.
Good morning all,   Having just introduced our new Double Monk, we thought it would be a good idea to post a sneak preview of some of the styles we are considering over the next few months. Unfortunately given the early stages of the process we can't give you too many details or close up photos. As always we value your thoughts and suggestions!   Foster & Son    
 Cleav, Happy to work with you either way, if you PM us we can talk through the options. Foster & Son
 PCK1, We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we have them. Foster & Son
 PCK1, Interesting point. It might be the angle the pictures were taken from, I'll get the guys to measure them. Foster & Son
 Beau, Lovely to hear from you. They will be available in calf and we will let you know as soon as they arrive. Foster & Son
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