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Gentlemen,   We are excited to reveal our latest Balmoral boot. The new Montrose is manufactured on the 337 last and features a wonderful green khaki suede and rich dark brown calf.   Here are a few pictures, we welcome any thoughts you might have.   Foster & Son              
 Ilovelobbs, We're still going through the prototype and sample phase. Afraid it takes quite some time to get it absolutely right. Foster & Son
 Geezer, You're absolutely correct, shoes made in 1993 we think. Foster & Son
 nutcracker, We agree, a pair of shoes even! All the shoemakers had different names for differing shoe styles, so Terry Moore would call a Derby a 'Blucher', a name we associate with the States rather than the UK. Next time I see him I'll see if I can get more information and perhaps some idea of the origins of these terms. Foster & Son
Competition   Gents,   We realise that our question yesterday was a little unfair. The shoe we asked you about is called a 'Front Sprung Monk' by Terry Moore.     We'll come up with a better question shortly.   Foster & Son
  PM sent
 labravajazz, I've asked the guys about this shoe and it appears to be an old one (not that helpful I know). We'll do a bit more digging about the last and get back to you by PM if that's okay. I'm not sure how much information I will be able to find out between now and the auction ending though. If you need any more help send me a PM. Foster & Son
 Many thanks Sir!  labravajazz, Really good question, you wouldn't happen to have a photograph would you? Foster & Son
     Gents, The question was about the style not the model name, sorry for the confusion. Also, this is an old bespoke pair so not rtw. Foster & Son
 Bengal-stripe, you are of course correct but we have a very specific name for it, and I share the bad memories of the 60's!
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