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 Chowkin, unfortunately not as a standard model, sorry! We can make them as a special order if you PM me I will get you some pricing. Foster & Son
 culverwood, Very interesting indeed! The shoes second from right are going back to be re-made as we speak, they need to more closely resemble the bespoke sample that we based them on. Foster & Son
 ammanati, Many thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Foster & Son
 ammanati, They're not actually, they're from our City line and will be very affordable. I can't give you prices yet as the shoes are still being developed but expect them to be £400 or less. Please bear in mind that they're on our new lasts too. Foster & Son
 VRaivio, We do indeed and will continue to do so with our new models. Foster & Son
 Nick, there will indeed! Foster & Son
Wes Bourne, Interesting, I'll ask. Foster & Son
 NickCarraway, We are hoping to produce another model of these spectators which will be the 'replica' model. I will ask though about the broguing holes for this one. Foster & Son
 VRaivio, Very, very good question. If someone wants a pair of rtw shoes and can find the right style at the right price then there is no reason not to buy from any of the Northampton manufacturers - assuming that members here are familiar with the standards that each are made to. We work with a number of the Northampton makers to produce the Foster & Son city shoes and the Henry Maxwell country collection, and have been commissioning a number of new designs that we think...
 FredAstaire1899, I don't currently know what the next iteration will look like in terms of design brief but will definitely pass your feedback on as a request.  Foster & Son
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