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 Love the post, excellent work! Foster & Son
    Shall I ask him?
 jjl5000, You haven't missed anything. We're still waiting for the second iteration to come back and will post as soon as we have it. Sorry for the delay. Foster & Son
 They look great!
 Love to see you! Foster & Son
 Cleav, We always did it as children, there were six of us and my mum would buy school shoes in a job lot and pile them on the dining room table, didn't seem to hex us!
  MoosicPa, love the photo's and glad that George sorted things out for you.  Cleav, they are aren't they? I'm green with envy! Foster & Son
Gentlemen,   As promised, please see below for details of this month's trunk show in Hong Kong.         If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, Andrew Murphy would love to hear from you - andrew@foster.co.uk or call +442079305385
 MoosicPa, It's for sale right now. Foster & Son
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