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 RogerP, Many thanks. The shoes are actually mine too! Best, Foster & Son
Some better pictures of our new shoes.           Foster & Son
 Agreed,and whether our fading succeeds in its intent 'to imitate the effects of age' is a matter of opinion. We think it does, others may not. Foster & Son
 RogerP You're right about 'no pretense' and we could argue that the process is analogous to the 'painting' that DWFII has referred to before, except of course that we are 'taking away' not 'adding'. The materials that we use to achieve the effect could, if over used, damage the leather quite seriously. Fortunately, should this happen, the results are immediately obvious, one of many reasons why we are very careful and why the process can take some time. FWIW we are...
We'll have a look and see what we've got. Curating the collection, whether that be old shoes, royal warrants or books is very time consuming but we're making progress (rather Richard, our Chairman, is). We have no problem sharing this stuff, it's part of our common history and the more people with access to it the better. I wouldn't bother about plundering our heritage, us Brits have been doing it for centuries, we've even pinched stones from the Parthenon and named them...
DWFII,   Looks like a wonderful resource, not bragging at all. We'll have a look to see if there's anything we have that isn't in your list and make it available.   Best,   Foster & Son
We thought you might be interested in some extracts from ‘The Modern Boot & Shoe Maker’, published in 1917 by the Worshipful Company of Skinners. Now the Skinners Company, they received their first Charter in 1327 and are one of the "Great Twelve" livery companies. Note the references to 'cordovan' and 'crup'.     Foster & Son
meister,   Sounds like a fantastic undertaking, hand re-welting and full restoration (in the proper sense of the word). Looking forward to this.   Foster & Son
 DWFII, familiar with your posts and understand your perspective. I think it's interesting that the artificial patina (couldn't think of a better phrase!) we are known for is actually 'art imitating life'. Best, Foster & Son  RogerP, Many thanks for your kind words. I feel it's probably time to own up, the shoes in the photos are actually mine. They'll be in the shop window in Jermyn Street for a while so that people can see them for themselves, I just hope that no-one...
 DWFII, The fading process was originally developed in our Workshop a long time ago to replicate the patina acquired by our bespoke samples that had been exposed to sunlight in our South facing window in Duke of York Street before we moved to Jermyn Street in 1965. It was developed in response to customer requests and we have had long experience of doing it, though it's still an art not a science and needs to be done very carefully so as not to weaken the shoe. Foster & Son
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