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It's really true this time!
That's excellent. John Bray will be missed though, now confirmed closing down (so they were right - in a way...). Foster & Son
 RogerP, our pleasure. We'll take some more tomorrow and post on the weekend. I take it that showing some of the interesting pubs might be an idea? Foster & Son
 daizawaguy, our pleasure. We'd be happy to photograph some of the local sights, certainly the pubs might be interesting (and great places to relax after some serious shoe shopping). Foster & Son
Jermyn Street photographs   Many of you will have spent long hours in Jermyn Street looking at and buying shoes. We thought that for those who had never been it might be interesting to see the shop fronts of all the quality shoe shops on the street and one or two that were close enough to qualify, being in either Piccadilly or Princes Arcade.   Trickers no 67   JM Weston no 60   Edward Green no 75   New and Lingwood no 53   Cheaney no 4 Piccadilly...
beaur, we sympathise!
culverwood, they are! I'd originally thought of wearing a POW DB suit with a 1.5 inch cuff to Goodwood. My thinking was that I should pair the suit with black and white semi-brogue Adelaide spectators, but the faded shoes may be better. Suit should be ready in six-eight weeks so perhaps I'll post some suit and shoe pictures. Foster & Son
earthdragon, you mean the faded Fawley's?
Just a thought. We hadn't introduced our retail staff, though many will have met them at 83 Jermyn St.   From left to right: Andy Murphy, who has recently joined us from GJ Cleverley as Retail Manager. Gerry Holtz, Managing Director and George Wakeford who many of you already know from our Edward Green special offers. Next time you're in London, pop in for a chat.     Handsome chaps!   Foster & Son
 barky, we can certainly look at this. Was it the toe shape that appealed more? Foster & Son
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