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 barky, we can certainly look at this. Was it the toe shape that appealed more? Foster & Son
 Flake, We can accomplish this as a one off. The boots are these: and we can apply the fading on a customer-by-customer basis. The cost would be £750 including UK VAT (£625 for customers outside the EU), delivery should be within 4 weeks. If you want more information just PM me. Best, Foster & Son
And this page of drawings that Terry Moore made. The oxford at the bottom looks suspiciously like the 'Thomas' brogue (see it at, http://foster.co.uk/our-products/bespoke-services/bespoke-shoes/thomas-brogue/.  Another thing to note is the signature Foster & Son heel.     Foster & Son
 chogall, we couldn't agree more. RogerP, we absolutely agree but, as chogall said, each to their own. Foster & Son
We thought you might like this illustration from ‘The Modern Boot & Shoe Maker’, published in 1917.     Foster & Son
 Possibly because I was photographed from the knees downward, wearing a one of my 'cheap and sensational' suits according to my wife!
 RogerP, Many thanks. The shoes are actually mine too! Best, Foster & Son
Some better pictures of our new shoes.           Foster & Son
 Agreed,and whether our fading succeeds in its intent 'to imitate the effects of age' is a matter of opinion. We think it does, others may not. Foster & Son
 RogerP You're right about 'no pretense' and we could argue that the process is analogous to the 'painting' that DWFII has referred to before, except of course that we are 'taking away' not 'adding'. The materials that we use to achieve the effect could, if over used, damage the leather quite seriously. Fortunately, should this happen, the results are immediately obvious, one of many reasons why we are very careful and why the process can take some time. FWIW we are...
New Posts  All Forums: